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Iraqi Resistance Rejects Alleged Bin Laden, Zarqawi Alliance

Jihad Unspun | January 17 2005

Comment: Obviously we don't agree with the praise of Osama Bin Dead For Years CIArab Ratboy Laden.

JUS has long been skeptical of the alleged alliance between Osama bin Laden and America’s latest bogyman, Jordanian born Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. Zarqawi has been repeatedly used as the excuse to invade many areas of Iraq and has been pinned with every recent bombing elsewhere. While Bin laden and the US failure to capture him is a story that has disappeared from current news, Zarqawi is up front and centre and is now positioned as an operating arm of bin Laden which makes for good copy for the US “war on terrorism”.

While it remains unclear whether Zarqawi is even alive, what is clear is that his presence in Iraq has been rejected by locals from the beginning. Prior to “Fallujah 2”, Resistance fighters took to the Reuters airwaves claiming that Zarqawi was not among them. Curiously, Zarqawi pops up all over the globe when an excuse is needed.

The Iraqi resistance group now operating under his name, Tawhid Wal Jihaad, no longer refers itself as such but rather “al-Qaida of Iraq”. These self appointed AQ members have previously conducted operations that are clearly not in line with the Islamic Shariah law, including the killing of woman hostages. Further, if Al-Qaida is operating in Iraq, it would be doing so covertly, not through press announcements that clearly give Bush a reason to continue his unjust occupation.

In the past, Osama bin Laden has conducted operations in a manner that can only be described as masterful and in full accordance with the laws of Islam. To endorse a person such as Zarqawi, who does not in any way command the respect of the locals and in most cases is unknown, makes little tactical sense at the very least. Considering Zarqawi was previously rejected by Bin Laden, following the Afghanistan war against the Russians, for what was cited at the time as a difference in Aqeedah, the Zarqawi-Bin Laden connection doesn’t add up.

The correspondents for Mafkarat al-Islam in Iraq noted that the alleged call from Osama bin Laden to unite under Zarqawi met with great opposition among the various Iraqi Resistance organizations.

Now, the General Command of the Iraqi Resistance has issued a statement, distributed around mosques in Baghdad on Sunday morning that has summarized their view of the situation in Iraq, According to Mafkarat al-Islam, the notice reads:

“All the detachments of the Iraqi Islamic Resistance have unanimously agreed and have chosen as the leader of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq the Prophet Muhammad, Messenger of God, may God’s peace and blessings be upon him.”

The statement said, “The Prophet Muhammad is our model in our current and future military operations, and we take our orders in the jihad and armed struggle against the infidels and crusaders from his noble sunnah [practice]. So whoever wishes, let him hasten to join us under the banner of the Master of the Prophets, Muhammad, may God’s peace and blessings be upon him.

The Iraqi Resistance statement concluded with the verse from the Qur’an: “What the Messenger [the Prophet Muhammad] has brought you, take it; and what he has forbidden you put an end to it.”

Muhammad Abu Nasr, Free Arab Voice, contributed to this report.

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