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Give Big Brother The Middle Finger

Prison Planet | January 18 2005

Following on from the Baja Beach Club in Barcelona, the Bar Soba nightclub in Glasgow Scotland is considering introducing an implantable microchip which will be used by customers to pay for drinks.

Whether this is a cheap PR trick or something more sinister, the bottom line is that implantable microchips are being sold to us as the latest cool and trendy fashion accessory, much like the mobile phone is now.

All this will come to fruition when the government announces that the national ID card will be scrapped and replaced with a mandatory implantable chip. Think this sounds outlandish? Just sit back and watch it happen.

We are encouraging our readers to bombard Bar Soba with E mails in opposition of this proposal. There is still a chance they will back down if enough of you get involved. This isn't like a national election, where your opinion doesn't make a dime's difference, this is a business. If they see that a sizeable majority are against this, they will cancel it. They don't want the bad publicity. So you CAN have an effect.

Send an E mail to and tell them what you think. Pasted below is the E mail I sent. You can just use this and stick your name at the bottom (seconded by __________ your name).


Your British press coverage over the last couple of days regarding the implantable microchip is shameful.

Your efforts in making the chip appear 'trendy' will benefit the government no end when they roll our national ID card into the implantable microchip 'by force'.

Don't worry, we'll be told 'terrorists who opposed the chip' blew something up and everyone will get right behind it.

I am personally going to do everything in my power to see that you are opposed and that you are forced to backtrack on this.

Paul Joseph Watson.


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