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Dark Doppelganger of Delta 1989

Total 9/11 Info | January 25 2005

It is already known that Delta 1989 made an emergency landing in Cleveland on 9/11, and that the plane had a mysterious doppelganger who landed half an hour later as an emergency, too.

Now take a look at the 9/11 commission report, a really interesting book. What do we learn about Delta 1989? Is it possible to establish a timeline for the flight? Let's try.

At 8:25, Delta 1989 took off from Boston Airport (this is not documented in the 9/11 report, but in the BTS database,

At about 9:00, Delta 1989 crossed the border between Boston Center and Cleveland Center, the two long-range Air Traffic Control centers. This estimation is easy to do because we know roughly the speed of the aircraft, and because we know Delta 1989 was over Cleveland at 9:40. Take a look at page 15 of the 9/11 report, there is a map of the FAA Control Centers. So after 9:00 or at most 9:05, Cleveland Center was in charge of Delta 1989.

At 9:19, the FAA Command Center advised Cleveland controllers to send a cockpit warning to Delta 1989. (9/11 report, p.455, footnote 68).

At 9:27, Boston FAA reports a fifth aircraft missing, Delta Flight 89. This is a statement from Col. Alan Scott to the 9/11 Commission.
Why Boston? The plane was now in Cleveland Center Airspace.

At 9:28, a controller from Cleveland Center notices screams and strange voices ("we have a bomb on board"), apparently coming from Delta 1989 - but he is in contact with the pilot, and the pilot reports nothing unusual. No screams on Delta 1989. [ABC News].

At 9:41, Boston Center calls the military to identify Delta 1989 as a possible hijacking. But the Cleveland controllers are still in contact with the pilot, and the transponder is not off. So why does Boston Center send the warning and not Cleveland Center? And why does NEADS warn Cleveland Center to watch Delta 1989 - they were watching it anyway?

So we have a terrible mess here; we have a flip-flop between Boston Center and Cleveland Center despite the fact that clearly Cleveland was responsible for Delta 1989 after 9:00; and we have conflicting reports that the plane was "missing" and "possibly hijacked" despite the fact that transponder and radio contact were never off.

There is an elegant possibility to clean up this mess:

Delta 1989 had a dark doppelganger, not only when it landed at Cleveland Airport, but when it was flying, too. This doppelganger started probably in Boston, too. It was part of the wargames which were taking place on this day. It was a "live-fly exercise".

The transponder of the doppelganger was off from start. When Boston Center called NEADS at 9:27 to report that Delta 1989 was "missing", this warning was in fact meant for the doppelganger flight. Its radar blip was hidden behind the blip of Delta 1989 from now on.

The screams at 9:28 were not coming from Delta 1989, but from the doppelganger flight. That's why the Cleveland controller was so confused: he determined the origin of the screams by "Radio Direction Finding", a standard technique, and they were coming from Delta 1989's position. The controller was not involved in the wargames, so he didn't know that there was a plane hiding behind Delta 1989.

On board of the doppelganger flight, a simulated hijacking took place. Boston Center - or a department of Boston Center - was apparently in charge of the wargame, this explains why Boston Center was still involved at 9:27 resp. 9:41. Note that Boston Center reported directly to the military.

At 9:41, the doppelganger left its cover, so its radar blip was visible. This was the moment when it was reported hijacked, falsely labeled as Delta 1989. The doppelganger was reported in the broadcast news as the "fifth plane."

So what happened to the passengers of Delta 1989's doppelganger?

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