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Spooky AOL Ad Says Big Brother Is Watching the Internet
Why is a company that profits from Internet use demonizing the Internet?

Paul Joseph Watson | Updated January 4 2006

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Update: It has since come to our attention that AOL has added to its website a 'good' version of the ad campaign promoting the virtues of the Internet. While this is appreciated, the only ad currently running on network British television is the 'bad' version, and that version is far more striking and disturbing. As a reader pointed out to us, just take a look at the discussion section of the AOL website. Every title is about how the Internet is evil. It is clear that AOL is playing its part in introducing the idea of censorship of the Internet, under the false notion of having a 'debate' about it. Their loyalties are made clear.

In a bizarrely offbeat new British advertising campaign, AOL asks if the Internet is a good or a bad thing and encourages viewers to discuss the issue.

Go to AOL's website to watch the video.

The advert is clearly intended to influence the viewer into thinking that the Internet is a negative force.

Despite the set-up that this is an equal debate, the sinister music, dark voiceover and cold imagery leave the viewer with the impression that the Internet will one day lead to humanity's very destruction.

Scenes of nuclear holocaust , Hitler, the Ku Klux Klan and Osama bin Laden flash up as we are told that the Internet is a "dangerous weapon."

Why is a transnational corporation that profits from encouraging people to use the Internet running an ad campaign that discourages Internet use?

The ad revels in the specter of big brother watching us all and warns us that everything we do on the Internet is under surveillance.

The AOL 'discuss' website promotes donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee, which is in part controlled by World Vision, a known CIA front charity.

Take a look at the transcript lifted from AOL's website, along with direction notes.

Voice over Some people think the internet is a bad thing.

Images Blue-print of computer circuit board, close-up of eye.

Voice over Thanks to the internet, your identity can be stolen, your home invaded and your savings robbed without anyone setting foot inside your door.

Images Travelling down the line image, stick men, revolving head, hand opening window as old couple and std sit at table in background, blue-print of house, house exploding.

Voice over The internet is one of the most dangerous weapons every created. A way for the unhinged to spread evil, free of supervision or censorship.

Images Atom bomb, lies transmitter, b/w Nazis (3), skin-heads, KKK, Osama Bin Laden, headlines.

Voice over A place for mankind to exercise its darkest desires. Images Porn: silhouette, director viewing, close-up , girl looks at camera.

Voice over An open market where you can purchase anything you want. Images Products flash up and then baby with price tag.

Voice over Orwell was right. Images 1984 footage

Voice over The internet has taken us to a place where everything we do is watched, monitored and processed without us ever realising.

Images Kid on hobby-horse, surveillance cameras etc. Voice over Some people think the internet is a bad thing. Images View of old man looking at CCTV camera.

Voice over What do you think?

Super Discuss

Dissolves AOL

Again, why is a company that profits from people using their service to access the Internet running a nationwide ad campaign that demonizes the Internet?

Judging on current trends it is more than likely that this is part of the movement to destroy the existing Internet and replace it with Internet 2, a government regulated and controlled version whereby state approval to even own a website will be required and in the short-term future, only citizens with a 'green' color code security level on their national ID card will be given permission to use the Internet at all.

Of course, with most of the population being obedient boot lickers this won't affect them at all and they will happily comply.

But for the rest of us, those who are still able to engage their brain and question world events and government policies, the Internet will cease to exist, under the pretext that 'terrorists' can use it to shut down the global economy.

The elite are in panic mode. Newspaper circulation is dwindling, less people watch TV news. The biggest growth sector on the Internet is alternative news, second only to porn.

The elite are in a desperate race to regain control of the Internet because it has become a well-spring for discussion of alternative ideas and the truth behind the 24/7 propaganda brainwashing churned out by big brother.

A current poll on the AOL website shows 71% think the Internet is a good thing on the back of the ad campaign. While this is obviously good news, the number should be far higher.

Registration is required to use the discussion forum on the website. Create an account and tell AOL that you don't appreciate their outright fearmongering and demonization of the Internet.

Let them know that we know what they're up to.

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