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Cameras at Major British Airport Snap Your Picture
Whether you like it or not

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones | January 4 2006

A visitor writes us to relate his joyous experience with Big Brother at Britain's Manchester Airport.

The individual approached the departure lounge noting the usual X-ray scanners, little Hitler security goons and nervous travelers.

However, a new addition to BB's armour made its presence known.

A loving security camera perfectly positioned to snap the mugshot of the potential terrorists passing through.

Creative jackbooted minions had also helpfully created a friendly leaflet - hey it has cartoon smiley faces on the front it must be good - explaining the virtues of this extra barrage of surveillance.

Our intrepid traveler, still possessing the increasingly rare ability to engage one's own brain, felt that the mugshot was a violation of his privacy rights, and upon reading the leaflet's assuring disclaimer than anyone in this boat could painlessly object to the procedure and approaching the desk, was told that the image had already been taken while it was being asked not to be.

So it's not obligatory, but if you refuse, they have grounds to take your photo anyway. Seems like they have all the bases covered there.

For informed British citizens, Big Brother is a constant nagging thorn in the side. With only a murmur of dissent, blanket GPS satellite tracking of all vehicles has been introduced and we are told to feel 'secure beneath the watchful eyes' as Big Brother surveillance cameras festoon our streets, neighborhoods, buses, trains and sports stadiums.

The Manchester Airport leaflet itself makes it crystal clear that anyone who refuses the mugshot will receive 'special attention' and won't be allowed to enter the departure lounge and will be 'escorted' directly to the aircraft by an airline employee.

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This is about ramming through the invasive tentacles of Big Brother in the airport by creating the false illusion of choice.

If you stand up against Big Brother then you will be treated as a terrorist.

This is akin to black people being ordered to sit at the back of the bus. If you don't comply with Big Brother, you will face the consequences, you will be ostracized.

This is not a choice. A choice is the freedom to take a different decision without extraneous circumstances that don't apply to the other option.

Taking the privacy option in cases like these only means you are subjected to more police state suffocation, not less.

All this beta testing that we see unfolding in our airports and now our subway stations is simply the pretext for it hitting the streets. Your national security level color code on your ID card will denote which services you will be entitled to, and if you're not a well behaved boot-licker you won't be entitled to any.

It is time for all of us to stand up like Rosa Parkes and say no.

We won't sit at the back of the bus.

We won't be your slaves.

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