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Patriot Act Empowers Ministry of Homeland Security Gestapo

Kurt Nimmo | January 5 2006

Our Congress critters have proposed the creation of a Ministry of Fatherland Defense federal police force. Under H.R. 3199 (the so-called “USA PATRIOT Improvement and Reauthorization Act of 2005?)—created to “extend and modify authorities needed to combat terrorism, and for other purposes,” according to the Library of Congress—Rep. Sensenbrenner introduced and sponsored the creation of the “United States Secret Service Uniformed Division” (USSSUD) to be marshaled by Michael Chertoff, secretary of DHS, all around neocon, and a member of the Federalist Society, a reactionary cabal with members such as former Reaganite and Bechtel favored son Edwin Meese, neocon boy wonder William Kristol, and master funder of troglodytic political causes and CIA operative Richard Mellon Scaife. Considering Chertoff’s penchant for rounding up people willy-nilly and incarcerating them without charge (as he did to around 750 Arabs and Muslims in the wake of nine eleven), the fact he will be entrusted with this spanking new federal police force should set off alarm bells. Of course, it didn’t even elicit a murmur in the ranks of the corporate media, although the blogger Ben Frank had a few choice words. Frank comments:

Has America ever had a federal police force? No. Why do we need one now? To protect us, or to oppress us? It sure looks as if this new police force will be have the authority to arrest anyone that gets too close to a member of Congress. Bush says trust me, it’s for your own protection. Isn’t that exactly what Hitler told Germany?

In addition to protecting fat-ass diplomats, Congress critters, and other VIPs, the USSSUD—oh heck, that acronym is too unwieldy, so let’s call this duck what it is, an American version of the Gestapo—will go where Bush goes (in uniforms, probably ninja black with SWAT regalia) and make sure “al-Qaeda” doesn’t get him, or for that matter make sure the streets are clean of any traitorous protesters (who are now routinely arrested or at minimal held at bay in “free speech zones” encircled in concertina wire).

But here’s the disturbing part: Chertoff and his minions will be allowed to commandeer your local cops under this draconian provision. “In carrying out the functions pursuant to paragraphs (7) and (9) of subsection (a), the Secretary of Homeland Security may utilize, with their consent, on a reimbursable basis, the services, personnel, equipment, and facilities of State and local government.”

So let’s say Bush plans to traipse through your town and you send out an email to your friends urging them to practice their one-time civil liberty under the First Amendment of the now doormat Bill of Rights and stand on a public street corner with signs protesting the neocon mass murder campaign in Iraq. Of course, that very email will be scooped up by the largest intel op in the world—the National Security Agency, now effectively Bush’s personal snoop operation—and will be forwarded to Chertoff’s Gestapo and you may very well receive a visit the day before Bush’s motorcade wings through town and due to “extraordinary protective need” you may very well be arrested “without warrant” for an “offense against the United States,” that is to say for disagreeing with our Caesar, George W. Bush.

Sounds like the Gestapo to me, especially considering Hitler’s Gestapo was created to investigate and combat “all tendencies dangerous to the State.” In addition, the Gestapo was not subject to judicial review, same as Bush considers himself not subject to judicial review (and in fact brags about snooping on Americans without going before a court and obtaining a warrant). “As long as the [Gestapo] … carries out the will of the leadership, it is acting legally,” Nazi jurist Dr. Werner Best stated. It appears AG Alberto Gonzales has taken a page out of Hitler’s playbook because the Bushites argue that it is “inefficient” to go before a judge and a more “agile” approach to violating and trashing the Constitution is required.

All that’s missing is the Nazi version of Schutzhaft, otherwise known as “protective custody,” that is to say rounding up traitors in the middle of night while in their bed clothes and hustling them off to concentration camps. Hitler’s Gestapo liked to extract a Schutzhaftbefehl, a document declaring that the person snatched from his or her bed desired to be imprisoned, and this was usually forced out of the person by beatings and torture.

And as we know, the Pentagon neocons are experts at the latter.

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