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Headline Suggests Opponents of Military Recruiting are Child Rapists

Paul Joseph Watson | January 12 2006

During the Clinton years, World Net Daily used to be a firebrand watchdog of government abuse.

Since 9/11 it has turned into just a another government worshpping e-rag.

Consider their headline today about a 48-year-old teacher in Toledo who raped a 16-year old girl.

Notice the sub-headline? What message does this send? That teachers who oppose military recruting tactics, in which youngsters are bullied into making promises and then threatened with arrest if they don't show up for subsequent appointments, are all child rapists?

World Net Daily, this isn't Russia. The army is supposed to be on a volunteer basis. Our kids should not be intimidated into joining it and those who oppose such tactics should not be equated with child rapists.

Sgt. Thomas Kelt – the Houston soldier that caused a nation wide stand-down of recruiting offices after it was discovered he had threatened a young man with jail under 'federal law' if he didn't show for an appointment, was later promoted by the army.

It is also abhorrent to have the military stomp around schools directing traffic and policing students as if it were a dictatorship. We carried footage last month from a middle school in San Antonio where the national guard and regular army are visiting to indoctrinate children on what it's like to live in a militarized police state.

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