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Reports of Eustace Mullins 'Disappearance' Erroneous

Paul Joseph Watson | January 13 2006

Internet reports Friday claiming that legendary conspiracy historian Eustace Mullins had been missing from his Staunton, Virginia home for seven days and was feared dead appear to be erroneous.

Friend's concerns that Mullins, author of "Secrets of the Federal Reserve," had been abducted by one of the myriad of government agencies or Zionist groups that he has for years been a thorn in the side of for decades subsided when Mullins e mailed a colleague to say he was staying with friends in Ohio.

Mullins' webmaster became concerned when he missed a radio interview and mail began stacking up at his house. Local police seemed uninterested in locating Mullins' whereabouts.

But it transpires that Mullins had double booked two radio interviews and couldn't find a contact number to cancel one of them.

Mullins' e mail response suggested he would be returning home next week.

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