Suffolk teenager's chip nightmare

Suffolk Evening Star
Tuesday, January 2, 2007

TEENAGER Jack Double will be starting the New Year £50 out of pocket and with a chip on his shoulder after being hit with a littering fine for throwing food to a seagull.

The gobsmacked youngster found himself slapped with the penalty by litter enforcement officers after he threw a bad-tasting chip to a bird in Ipswich's Chantry estate.

He said: “I'd got a bag of chips and bit in to one and it was really hard.

“When I looked at the other half it was really green so I just threw it to a seagull nearby.”

Council officers handed him a notice ordering him to pay a £50 fine - just weeks after they had given him a certificate commending him for regularly putting rubbish in the bin.

His mum Mandy said: “It's ridiculous! Are they going to go to Christchurch Park and fine everybody who feeds the ducks?”



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