The United States Of Hysteria
Strange smells and dead birds frighten many in the age of terror

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
Prison Planet
Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Two incidents that occurred yesterday morning, dead birds in Austin Texas and a strange odor across New York, and the reaction they elicited, underscores the fact that Americans are living their lives on a day to day basis in abject fear of being a victim of a new terror attack, despite the fact that they have an equally dangerous chance of being struck by lightning. Welcome to the United States of Hysteria.

Just as New Yorkers were heading to work, a strange gas-like odor began to permeate the air from Manhattan to northeastern New Jersey, leading many to fear a dangerous chemical had been released and a biological attack was underway.

Schools, roads and office buildings were evacuated, subway stations closed, commuter trains re-routed and 911 calls ballooned. Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg called a press conference to allay fears that terrorists had struck again but simply in the act of doing so, raised the specter of 9/11 once again to remind Americans who their bosses were in times of perceived crisis.

The smell has still not yet been fully explained, allowing rumors to fly and paranoia to percolate.

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg

Meanwhile, in Austin Texas, reports began to filter through of dead birds found around the area of Congress Avenue and police officers feeling ill. Blocks were closed off and the 6th Weapons of Mass Destruction Civil Support Team, a National Guard unit trained in dealing with how to respond to terror attacks and other catastrophes involving nuclear, biological, chemical, or radiological material, was immediately deployed to the area.

Fears of a bird flu outbreak or an attack circulated before the event was dismissed as a case of mundane poisoning and the streets reopened.

Despite the severity of the incident being downgraded, several online respondents to a KXAN news story were still convinced that bird flu was the culprit. Others were more cynical. "Maybe this is just another government tactic to sell the garbage they call vaccinations against Bird Flu. Maybe it is something people need to wake up to - scare tactics," commented one.

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Yesterday's scares were by no means the first time Americans have been frightened into believing that false alarms were actually deadly terror attacks in the offing.

Back in May, a faulty construction drill was mistaken for gunfire in the Capitol Hill area. The entire Capitol complex was placed under lockdown by federal SWAT teams as were other buildings and schools throughout the city, even those well outside the immediate area. It was quickly established that there was no gunman but this didn't prevent people fainting and complaining of feeling ill during the incident, mirroring yesterday's events where individuals were taken to hospital. In all three cases, the cause of the perceived illness is nothing more than mass hysteria as a result of the paranoia inflicted upon the psyche of the nation since 9/11.

It matters not that in almost every case officials are swift to state that the events do not characterize a terror attack, because even as a precaution the presence of police, fire department, Homeland Security, FBI, National Guard and a myriad of other "anti-terror" forces are immediately deployed on the ground, giving the media ample opportunity to bombard viewers with more footage of men in uniforms and bio-hazard suits with guns "protecting" the American people.

As News Hounds clarifies, "Such images reinforce the perception that Americans live in constant danger and must keep the growing police state atmosphere in place regardless of the cost in terms of civil liberties. In other words, "See what could happen, America? This is why the government needs to spy on you, track your phone calls, and who knows what else. We're here to protect you."

In reality, as I discussed last week, peanuts are more dangerous to Americans than terrorists and accident causing deer, lightning strikes and swimming pools all represent a greater threat than "Al-Qaeda" to your life. People get in their cars and drive down the highway every day without fear of death despite the fact that September 11 casualty figures are surpassed every month on our roads.

Perception is reality and it is solely the maniacal hyping and fearmongering of the terror threat that maintains its hold over the rationality of the general public. In that sense, the government and the media are doing the very bidding of what the terrorists alone could never achieve - changing our way of life by creating a permanent state of manufactured alarm.

Were the simultaneous events in Austin and New York just a coincidence or are we witnessing, as some fear, the preparation for biological attacks on major U.S. cities blamed on Al-Qaeda and eventually connected to Iran to justify air strikes against that country's nuclear facilities?

Dick Cheney's USSTRATCOM contingency plan calls for attacking Iran in the immediate aftermath of a 'second 9/11' - no matter who is behind it - which of course is going to be the cabal Dick Cheney fronts for itself and the same pack of murderers that are actively seeking to initiate global ethic cleansing and genocide to bring about world war three and an Arab holocaust.

Were yesterday's events merely a dry run for the horror set to be unleashed by means of a false flag bio-attack on a number of major American cities? Or did they merely represent another sad indictment of how America has gone from being land of the free, home of the brave to land of the coward, home of the slave?





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