Automatic Scanning Of Every License Plate For Crime and Terrorism

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Once again a predatory police state society is being created. Police policing everyone now? Searching Everyone will be the norm. What's the purpose for this? Mega income generation from catching everyone who has expired tags and or plates??

Of course they will be highlighting the car involved in the robbery, etc to get the public to support there own enslavement.

As the officer said in the short video: "ALPR is going to revolutionize the way we police in North America."
Notice he didn't say United States, but North America - yes my friends the North American Union where the Constitution will be shredded for a Treaty which is illegal and the American people don't have a clue.

Is this what will become of the "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave?"

And while this is being developed so is the use of:
1. Camera surveillance everywhere
2. RFID Tracker chips in cars
3. RFID tracking chips in things you buy at the store
4. Biometric ID cards which will become law in every state come 2008 which will contain all your biometric data, financial info including your credit and banking, your medical data, criminal record if any, education, and travel behaviors - if you do not have this card you will not be able to drive or travel and eventually will not be able to buy or sell or work
5. Ground penetrating radar that can see through walls for law enforcement
6. Wiretapping all phones including cell technology using extensive keyword software
7. Bio and body scans at all airports, train stations, malls, etc
8. Eventual implantable micro-chips for tracking all people, buying patterns and travel patterns.

This is a cage, a prison being erected around us and sold as security. It is a huge Lie!
Of course there will be those feeble minded zombies who have bought into the propaganda that "this is all good and you shouldn't have a problem as long as you have nothing to hide!"
This is blasphemy to our nation's founding principles and the honor of our founders who fought tyranny and control.
We are throwing it all away in a little over 200 years since our independence was fought for by far braver men then we have today.
All of this technology will be used for control and tyranny as it always has. It is sickening and it is totally unconscionable, yet it is being erected all around us. The American people are cheering it on and those that work in these industries are selling out their neighbors and country to this predatory police state.

What will we do? Fight its implementation or roll over and be enslaved by the state?

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