O'Reilly, Fox Noise Channel Make Olbermann's Worst Persons

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Sunday, January 28, 2007 

Keith Olbermann is at it again, picking on poor Bill O'Reilly and the Fox Noise Channel. What for now? See the video.

MSNBC's Olbermann, on his "Countdown" show for Friday (January 26, 2007) named the Fox Noise Channel to the runner-up position for the Worst Person in the World award for its plans to show the scenes that ABC cut from its hack-job the "Path to 9/11." That's right, the scenes that ABC cut because they were so untruthful they were afraid to run them for fear of getting sued.

As Olbermann said, Attention Madeline Albright. Hire a good attorney.

But topping the list -- again -- was Bill O'Reilly. This time, it was for O'Reilly's comments on his radio show pertaining to the Sunni and Shiites in Iraq. O'Reilly told a listener that they blow each other up for "fun."

Congress, please bring back the fairness doctrine so that we can listen to something besides this kind of crap.

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