Ron Paul Air Corps Set To Soar Over American Cities
Funding sought for 50 flights dragging huge "Revolution" banner

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, January 3, 2008


Ron Paul supporters are being urged to take the revolution to the air as funding is sought for a squadron of 50 flights to take to the skies before the end of January, dragging behind them gigantic 90 by 30 feet banners promoting the Congressman's presidential campaign.

The Genesis Communications Network is hoping to follow in the footsteps of the Ron Paul Blimp by attracting sponsors for flights over key demographic battlegrounds as the Republican primaries take shape over the next few months.

The first flight sets off today and will be cruising over Cedar Rapids, Iowa from 2pm CST onwards.

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Approximately $465 is needed to keep each plane in the sky for an hour which can also be moved to other key markets at a cost of $200 per night.

Huge 90 by 30 foot banner that will trail behind the planes.

Each billboard costs $3,695 to make an the organizers are hoping to raise around $120,000 in total which would buy 300 flight hours.

Please visit and pledge your support for this exciting new activist adventure!

This video details the great efforts of other activists in taking to the skies for the cause of freedom. 

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