New Interactive Ron Paul Revolution Blog Site Launches
Ron Paul War Room goes live

Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, January 3, 2008


A brand new interactive blog website has been launched today by Alex Jones and the Infowars team at

The site will act as a clearing house of information concerning Ron Paul's ongoing presidential campaign.

Totally user driven, this state of the art central hub for everything Ron Paul is currently skeletal and awaiting content from web users everywhere.

Ad links to Ron Paul news stories, post your own articles, audio links, video links, youtube clips, ad comments to other articles and start discussions.

When the site goes into full operation next week, users will also be able to register their own individual blog on the site and attract their own readers.

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This dynamic information center is the perfect accompaniment to Ron Paul's message of free expression as revolution.

Users can create their own accounts, completely free of any charge, by heading over to and clicking on the "SIGN-IN or CREATE AN ACCOUNT"`tab in the top right corner.

The site then walks the user through the registration process and the user has immediate full access to all features of the blog.

Aside from the obvious, the site is, as always, free from any censorship. The aim of the Ron Paul War Room is to spread the word about the Congressman's campaign and promote open discussion and debate over his policies, a role the corporate mainstream media has clearly severed from its own endeavors.

The site also features detailed maps and links to where the latest battle grounds on the campaign trail are, as well as links to a wide and varied range of other Ron Paul websites, fundraising activities and forums.

Webmaster and site creator Kurt Nimmo describes the site as "An info-bunker for the Ron Paul Revolution".

Check out and become a part of the Ron Paul rEVOLution today!  

Subscribe today for just $39.95 and get the equivalent of 5 months free!

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