Iowa: The Perfect Outcome For Ron Paul

CT Johnson
Nolan Chart
Friday January 4, 2007

Things could have not turned out better for Congressman Ron Paul in Iowa for the Republican presidential race. Let's face it, at this time Ron Paul cannot yet win a one on one or three way contest in the Republican race. He is by far one of the most spectacular candidates to run in the Republican field in a long time. However, he is not some willy nilly thirty second soundbite politician. People need to become educated in more depth to understand his well thought out, solid, and logical positions. For many Republicans they have not had enough exposure yet. It is a long, hard, and tiring process to educate in depth the conservative electorate about traditional conservative principles and values.

Tonight just bought Ron Paul even more time to get out his message and to still place well in all of the upcoming states. Iowa will keep Huckabee in the race. Romney wasn't going to be exiting any time soon. Fred Thompson was thought to be dead, but just had new life breathed into his campaign. McCain was also thought to be dead, but got a rebound. And of course Iowa was irrelevant to Giuliani as he will stay in the race. Only Duncan Hunter may drop, but his support base doesn't seem likely to be a factor anywhere.

What does this all mean to Ron Paul. Well, Ron Paul has shown that in an ultra-religious conservative state that he can pull 10% of the vote...double digits. It has shown that he can pull close to the well known, stalwart of the Republican establishment, warhorse John McCain. He is literally within spitting distance of third place in a state that is not tailored to him. A state where he would not promise ongoing farm subsidies. This is a huge that cannot be discounted. What is more important though is that all of the neoconservative candidates will stay in the race with this outcome with maybe the exception of Duncan Hunter. This is very good for Ron Paul. Like I said earlier, at this time Ron Paul cannot win in a one on one or three way race...yet. This Iowa scenario ensures that Ron Paul will face a divided neoconservative field. I cannot overstate how good this is from a strategic standpoint. It gives Ron Paul time to continue to spread the message and gain more and more support while the neoconservative vote is split.

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Come New Hampshire, Ron Paul will likely place in the top three. Romney, McCain, and Ron Paul will show well. Ron Paul has the funds, with more than $19.5 million raised in the 4th quarter, and is in for the long haul. As has been discussed across the internet...this may end up being a brokered convention...a very long and hard race. The more face time and the longer Ron Paul stays in the race the better. Unlike Ron Paul, many of the candidates cannot and will not show well in all states. Ron Paul's support is nationwide and he has the money, nationwide support, and fundraising ability to go the distance.

Folks...this is a marathon...not a sprint. Watch and see...the Ron Paul movement will continue to grow. The message will continue to spread. The people of Iowa are our fellow citizens, but they are not the end all. Their voice is important, but only a part of the voice of America. As Loub Dobbs mentioned on the eve of the Iowa election...there are only three populist candidates, and might I add Revolutionary candidates, that are for the middle class...and Ron Paul is the only Republican standing up for the average middle class and low income American! Not Huckabee...but Ron Paul.

This still may May Very Well Be Ron Paul's Time . The Ron Paul Movement is Still Very Dangerous.

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