How Dare Charlie Gibson Allow Ron Paul To Speak

Sunday January 6, 2007

The role of a debate moderator, explains the New York Times, is to protect the people's ears from dangerous ideas. Charlie Gibson, running the ABC debate last night, did not do his job. Or as the Times puts it, "by not intervening more forcefully early on in the Republican debate, he allowed much of their discussion to remain staid and uninformative — Representative Ron Paul, of all candidates, dominated the foreign policy debate." And not just on foreign policy: Ron dominated on energy, health care, economics, and all areas.

What happened was this: Ron Paul pointed out that the neocon emperor has no clothes. He has always done that, but the past debates were organized and moderated to marginalize him and silence him. Last night, he was in the thick of things, and therefore he showed up his opponents as scared and hollow men.

The regime is based on lies; it can't stand the truth, so last night was an historic moment; the regime began to crumple. (Thanks to John Pankratz for the URL.)

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