New Hampshire Recount On The Cards

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Thursday, January 10, 2008


New Hampshire Republican candidate Albert Howard is prepared to put his name behind a primary recount in order to ascertain if the example of "human error" in the town of Sutton, where Ron Paul was originally given zero votes, was an isolated case or if wider vote fraud took place.

The move is also being backed by the "Granny Warriors," a Ron Paul supporters group. Alex Jones has agreed to throw his full support behind the demand for a recount.

The following statement appears on the Granny Warriors website, along with a donation toll for raising the necessary $65,000 to fund the recount.

With all the strange events going on in the primary and with solid statements of actual fraud in NH everyone is calling for a recount which should be take care of by the Campaign staff but that isn't going to happen it seems.

Therefore... we the Grassroots will fund our own recount for Dr. Paul.

Every cent will be put toward the recounting and we will just see if we can stir up enough attention to really get a good count now. Perhaps it will also give notice to other states not to mess with the counts.

Lets get this done before it is too late and facts and figures can be altered.

If fraud is uncovered in the Republican primary it may also throw the Democratic result into doubt, especially as suspicions are widespread about how Hillary Clinton managed to overturn a 13 point pre-polling deficit to defeat Barack Obama.

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