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What does it take to be an Elitist?

Alex Jones | July 14 2004

A transcription of Alex Jones' weekly report on, July 1 2004

'Time and time again, when you sneak into an Illuminati meeting, whether it's the Trilateral Commission or the CFR [Council on Foreign Relations], or the more elite groups like Bohemian Grove, Skull and Bones, or the the Bilderberg group, they are planning the course of the world. That's what elites have always done. But people in the past knew that elites shaped the course of the world and fought against that.

'But the elites now own and control the media and they make fun of people who say, “ Wow, we've got an elite that's running things that want more power for themselves and it's not in our interest to be their slaves”. [Reply] “ Oh that's ridiculous, government never did anything wrong. Elites are never into bizarre rituals and power and control”. Really? Nero burned Rome, what in 64AD, would murder someone every morning, strangle small children and burn part of the city for his enjoyment and order his family members killed, and later committed suicide. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

'Look at the Aztecs and power gone mad – tens of thousands of sacrifices every year. We look at Hitler, with total control over Germany, starts killing millions of people. Look at Stalin: He had control of Russia, no-one challenging him, he killed half his General Staff and commenced to kill 40 million people. Look at Mao, killing tens of millions of people. Look at Fidel Castro, killing hundreds of thousands. Look at the Khmer Rouge led by Pol Pot, killing conservatively two million. Why is it that the norm in history is elites crucifying and beheading and slaughtering and murdering, like they do in Saudia Arabia to this day. When someone's rude to their father or husband, they go out and drown them. This is tyranny, this is elitism, its going on all around us- the torture camps in Iraq.

'This is what elites are into because, to be an elitist, a true high level elitist, you have to be ruthless, you have to be sadistic, you have to not have a conscience, you have to not just be coldly evil, but have an enjoyment for it. I feel guilty if I'm rude to my neighbour. I feel guilty if I tell my wife a lie. Imagine how you would feel if you were putting cancer viruses in vaccines and letting our troops breath depleted uranium and teaching the world how to torture at The School of the Americas. How do they do it? How do psychopaths do it? At the low level of the Illuminati, kind of like their kindred spirits, the Ted Bundys, the Hillside Stranglers or Son of Sam or Jeffrey Dahmer... I don't think I've ever heard of a psychopathic killer who wasn't into Satanism, who wasn't into the occult. Charles Manson... they all believed Lucifer controlled them. They believed they got power from committing acts of evil. Why do people who don't have a conscience, who enjoy murder and death, why are they always into the occult? I can't think of a case where they haven't been into the occult. Why is that? Because they enjoy it, because it's in their nature, they're killers, they're control freaks, they're going to have a religion of evil. That's why they're into Satanism.

'And the average good decent person just can't face it. Just can't get their heads around that. Just can't begin to grasp it. So the low level psychopath is always almost into the occult, Satanism, abuse and evil. And then we look at the elite, those that kill, that dumb down millions, that destroy civilizations, that systematically dumb down whole populations, and in every case – in Europe, in the United States – when we investigate, they are into the occult. You look at African people like Idi Amin, admittedly would fry his enemies and eat them. Why would he want to do that? Why would he want to fry up human body parts and eat them? It's an exercise in power. It's what they enjoy. It's the spectrum they're living on. It's the psychological plane that they exist on. This is what they are. They're Black, White, German; they're Jewish, they're Italian, they're the Chinese. They're the New World Order. They're evil, corrupt serial killers, psychopaths, perverts, control freaks, occultists, teaming up to bring in the Illuminati vision of total de-humanization, where they're robbing and ruling over us. It's their creed. It's their Holy Grail. It's what they're sworn to. A cashless society control grid that tracks your every purchase. A micro-chipped population, a drugged population, a forcibly drugged population. A system where tyrannical psychiatrists deem all those that don't submit to tyranny as insane. And anti-psychotic drugs are then pumped into their bodies -as [per] the Supreme Court's ruling. Bush says he's going to test every school student for mental illness and force them onto drugs. Giant private prisons that the Globalists own. The Globalists ship in the drugs, create the crisis and then own the private prisons where you get 20 cents an hour building widgets ... . They are about domination and slavery. They are about creating crises and scaring you into submission so you accept their solution which is tyranny and domination.”