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9/11 Flight Controller: "Is This Real World or an Exercise?"

Paul Joseph Watson for Alex Jones' Prison Planet | July 22 2004

On a BBC video report which focuses on the 'hijacker screening video', a clip is played from the voice of a 9/11 flight controller, in which he responds to news of a hijacked flight heading towards New York with the words, "is this real world, or an exercise?'

We know that wargames on the morning of 9/11 simulated planes crashing into buildings. This is how both NORAD and the FAA were slow to react to the hijacked flights. At first they believed it to be a drill and when they understood it to be real it was too late. The only plane they were able to shoot down was Flight 93 and that was only because it was delayed on the runway.

Although I understand that this tape may have been in the public domain for a while I highlight it today because of its significance and the fact that I hadn't come across it before.