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Live 8 Concerts Beat The Drum For What?

Jon Rappoport | July 4 2005

Behind the Live 8 hysteria taking place as we speak, there is an agenda, and it has nothing to do what forcing the so-called wealthy G8 nations to eliminate poverty in Africa.

The G8 already has a plan. The concerts are merely the cover to make it seem that these G8 power players are caving in to pressure.

Here is the real agenda:

Flood Africa with highly toxic AIDS drugs.

Forgive African debt to the World Bank, the Paris Club, IMF, and other creditors. This is debt, by the way, that would never be repaid anyway.

Under the guise of debt cancellation, impose IMF-type rules on the affairs of these African nations. This means that outside predatory capital can freely move in and buy up (more of) the utilities, resources, cheap labor, and land in many parts of Africa.

These repressive rules would ordinarily be imposed by approaching African debtor nations and saying, "We'll continue to lend you $$ so you can repay at least the interest on the loans you can't repay. But now you have play by our regulations."

But why bother with that charade? Why not just retire the debt and impose the same rules?

On the AIDS front, the drugs will maim and kill off many Africans. This will be called "poverty assistance."

Of course, poverty, contaminated water supplies, hunger, stolen agricultural lands---none of this will be eliminated.

In fact, these factors will continue to be called AIDS.

It's not hard to use rock and roll stars as dupes and cutouts. All you have to do is make them think they're the people who are applying the pressure.

They already think they know what AIDS is, and they already believe that killer drugs are the solution.

They fit in nicely.

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