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Bomb Scare Suggests Blair Knew and Did Nothing
High alert level, Israeli intelligence warnings indicate government 'looked the other way' as bombers struck

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet | July 9 2005

Update: Bomb scares in Cardiff and Edinburgh days before the attack also glossed over by MSM.

Evidence of specific plans to target transport links in major UK cities was known to the Blair government two days before the attack but was purposefully ignored while the terrorists moved in for the kill.

The northern city of Sheffield was buzzing with talk of bomb scares on buses two days before London was hit with four deadly explosions, one of which decimated a number 30 bus near Russell Square.

A number of sources in different areas of the city have confirmed to this writer that all Sheffield buses were delayed for an hour or more as they were sent back to the depot to be checked for bombs. This occured early Tuesday evening, less than 48 hours before the London attack.

Sheffield's supertram system was also affected by the bomb scare. The supertram is basically an identical system to the London Underground, but it operates on standard ground level roads.

The bomb scare was the topic of every bus and tram terminal conversation in the city center. A high police presence was also visible at many terminals in the area.

Strangely enough the local print and television media didn't cover the bomb scare at all, this in a town where a traffic accident is top story for three days running. This suggests the police passed on a directive not to report on the incident.

The BBC did carry an article suggesting the bomb scare was due to a package being placed outside a government building. If this is the case then why were buses and trams that didn't even pass Bridge Street also diverted for an hour or more? And why, as many others subsequently reported, were police stopping red Subaru cars all over the city?

Although a major city, Sheffield hasn't been bombed since world war two and even bomb scares are very rare occurances. A bomb scare in Sheffield that impacts public transport less than two days before the London bombing and the blackout of the media in covering it is highly suspicious.

More so in light of the fact that intelligence sources are indicating that Israel warned the British government of attacks two days before the London bombing and also that other similar attacks had been aborted (the empty package outside the Sheffield government building?) The intelligence sources say Blair turned a blind eye to the warnings because he didn't want his visit to G8 being disrupted or call off visits by foreign dignitaries to London.

Did government officials in Sheffield and possibly other cities heed the warning that Blair chose to ignore?

The terror threat to London was downgraded a month before the bombings. Why did they lower the guard?

As we reported on Thursday, original Associated Press and Israeli radio reports stated that Binyamin Netanyahu, the former Israeli Prime Minister received a warning before the first explosion that an attack was about to take place. He was told to stay in his hotel room and not attend an economic forum that was taking place in another hotel building adjacent to the site of the first bombing. Scotlnd Yard passed on this warning to the Israeli embassy in the knowledge that an attack was underway and yet for over an hour the British people were told that the blasts were due to an electrical fault.

The Israeli government is desperately scrambling to prevent more leaks. Early on Friday they ordered all government officials to stop talking to Western media about any aspect of the London bombings.

Highly suspicious cirsumstances and contradictions continue to emerge in the aftermath of the bombing and this website will continue to be at the forefront of the investigation.

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