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Bait And Switch in New London Attacks

Jon Rappoport | July 22 2005

We're being told there were three more underground bombs and one bus bomb in London today---all duds. All went off simultaneously.

A slew of speculations accompanies this news. "They (al Qaeda) did it to prove stepped-up security after 7/7 had no effect." "It was a demonstration that they they could still get to us." "The explosive material was old so it didn't function." "It was a perverted amateur copy cat."

Watch how quickly (or slowly) investigators ID the type of explosives and timers used. There should be plenty of evidence lying around in the subway cars and the bus. There was probably enough physical evidence from 7/7 to make a rapid assessment of the type of explosive and timer---and yet experts took an inordinately long time to draw (constantly changing) conclusions.

At this point, 7/21 certainly has one function. Recall that in the aftermath of 9/11, we had the phony anthrax scares. What was the effect? Media attention (such as it was) was diverted away from the 9/11 "investigation." And today, the bomb duds will achieve the same thing. For many people, the story of 7/7 is swallowed up. It's now an ancient issue. It's gone. We have a new event that trumps the last one.

"No use dicussing 7/7 anymore. It's as old as last week's box office hit at the movies."

"Who cares about 7/7? We have a new event."

"Whatever the authorities have said up to this point about 7/7...let's accept it as fact and move on." ********

"We have new fish to fry."

The official scenario for 7/7 has so many holes in it you can fly blimps through them. But now that's---psychologically and physically---frozen in time. It's "back then." It's a cold meal wrapped up in the refrigerator. It's a faded snapshot in the mind.

From a propaganda or psy-op point of view, you make the recent past the distant past by creating a new incident. That's all you need to do. And today it was done.

You'll read many explanations and interpretations of 7/21. But keep this information in mind. It's key.

Over the years, I've written much about staged events. When you string together a series of these events, when you invent them on purpose, you are essentially creating a time stream. And one of the essential properties of a time stream is: you psychologically separate the present from the past. You push what was the present into the past. You take a hot memory and you cool it off by sending it further into the past.

It's still two weeks after 7/7. But the events of today in London make 7/7 seem like two months ago. That's how it works.

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