Another Dubious Osama Tape Appears When The Neo-Cons Need It Most
Video released by Pentagon-affiliated IntelCenter, previous tapes proven to be linked to CIA, federal government

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Monday, July 16, 2007

If Osama Bin Laden really is still alive then the CIA owe him a pay rise for his continued sterling efforts to bail out USS Bush every time the administration is about to capsize, but the reality is that this is just another crude propaganda ploy and the latest installment in a series of hoax terror tapes edited and released by the Neo-Cons at the most politically expedient time.

Whether it's to justify a war, win an election or divert from a scandal, Bin Laden can always be relied upon to come up with the goods and save Bush's bacon.

As soon as the 6 month wait and see period for the "surge" is up and right when Bush's last remaining Republican cheerleaders desert him on Iraq, Bin Laden pops up to remind us all of the necessity of "staying the course" and winning the war on terror by feeding more troops into the meatgrinder.

It's so transparent, a three-year-old could see through the hoax, but the media barely even question it.

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In another development over the weekend, ABC News reports that, "Taliban military commander Mansour Dadullah, in an interview broadcast on ABC News' "World News With Charles Gibson," said the London attacks were "not enough" and that bigger attacks were coming."

Right on time, when Homeland Security head Chertoff says there will be an attack, and top Neo-Cons as well as military analysts are inviting one in order to "save a doomed foreign policy," the Taliban, Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda pop up and promise to deliver for their bosses.

"Osama bin Laden stresses the importance of martyrdom for Muslim causes in a videotape that purportedly contains a 50-second message from the al Qaeda leader," reports CNN.

"The videotape, titled "A Special Surprise from As-Sahab. Heaven's Breeze Part I," was made in the last four weeks, but the clips appear to be old, said Octavia Nasr, CNN's senior editor for Arab affairs. There is no indication of where it was shot, and CNN cannot verify its authenticity."

Euro News, the propaganda arm of the European Union, calls the footage "apparently new" when it's blatantly not.

But don't for a minute take the media's claim of "authenticity" as anything other than a worthless platitude, because every time a new tape is released they fail to even mention the fact that the majority of these videos in the past have been at best slapped together old footage or in some cases outright hoaxes that led directly back to the federal government, the Pentagon and the CIA.

The most obvious example of this occurred in October last year, when footage depicting two of the alleged 9/11 hijackers laughing as well as a Bin Laden speech was purportedly released by Al-Qaeda's media arm.

In reality, as our report outlined, the U.S. government had been in possession of the footage since 2001. How? Because they filmed it!

Segments of the video that were interspersed with footage of the "laughing hijackers," Jarrah and Atta, showing Bin Laden giving a speech to an audience in Afghanistan on January 8 2000, were culled from what terror experts described as surveillance footage taken by a "security agency."

Furthermore, film of the Bin Laden speech, reported by the dominant media as new footage, was previously broadcast in the UK docudrama The Road to Guantanamo, which was first seen on British television nearly seven months before the release of the tape in March 2006.

News reports at the time contained the admission that the U.S. government had been in possession of the footage since 2002, while others said it was found when the United States invaded Afghanistan in 2001, and yet it was still bizarrely reported that the tape, bearing all the hallmarks of having been filmed and edited by undercover US intelligence and having admittedly been in US possession for five years, was released over the weekend of October 1st 2006 by "Al-Qaeda".

IntelCenter, the group which is also behind the latest Bin Laden tape, is the middleman between Al-Qaeda's alleged media arm, As-Sahab, and the mainstream media - they acquire the tapes and pass them on to the press, and have occasionally even predicted when tapes would be released beforehand.

All the more interesting therefore, as our previous investigation discovered, that IntelCenter is run by Ben Venzke, who used to be the director of intelligence at a company called IDEFENSE, which is a Verisign company. IDEFENSE is a web security company that monitors intelligence from the Middle East conflicts and focuses on cyber threats among other things.

It is also heavily populated with long serving ex-military intelligence officials.

The Director of Threat intelligence, Jim Melnick, served 16 years in the US army and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and worked in psychological operations. From the IDEFENSE website:

Prior to joining iDefense, Mr. Melnick served with distinction for more than 16 years in the U.S. Army and the Defense Intelligence Agency. During this period, Mr. Melnick served in a variety of roles, including psychological operations, international warning issues with emphasis on foreign affairs and information operations and Russian affairs. He also served in active political/military intelligence roles with an emphasis on foreign affairs. Mr. Melnick is currently a U.S. Army Reserve Colonel with Military Intelligence, assigned to the Office of the Secretary of Defense. Mr. Melnick has been published in numerous military and foreign affairs journals, and has received numerous military and DIA awards. Mr. Melnick has a Master of Arts in National Security and Strategic Studies from the U.S. Naval War College, a Master of Arts in Russian studies from Harvard University, and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Political Science from Westminster College.

So here we have a company that by its own admission has a senior military psy-op intelligence officer who has worked directly for the Pentagon and Donald Rumsfeld. As Intelcenter and Ben Venzke are directly connected to IDEFENSE, this puts the Pentagon just three small steps away from the Al Qaeda propaganda videos - including the latest Bin Laden "martyrdom" hoax.

Al-Qaeda have a long and fruitful history of miraculously releasing video tapes at the most opportune political time for the Bush administration. Both Kerry and Bush attributed the President's 2004 re-election to Osama Bin Laden's appearance in a video tape just days before the vote. Veteran newsman Walter Cronkite mused that the whole farce was a Karl Rove orchestrated set-up.

On the eve of the Iraq war during Colin Powell's infamous presentation to the UN, an audio tape in which bin Laden claimed he was allied with Saddam Hussein surfaced, a gift-wrapped present for the Neo-Cons who had consistently been proven wrong in their assertion that there was a connection between Iraq and 9/11.

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Ayman Al-Zawahiri appeared right on cue at the exact same time two years running, days before the State of the Union, to slam Bush as a "butcher" and a "failure." His timing is impeccable! Right when Bush needs to reinforce the fear of the shadowy enemy each January to mute his critics before the big speech, al-Zawahiri pops up with the goods.

Previous tapes which featured Ayman al-Zawahiri were found to be cobbled together from old footage but that doesn't bother a lapdog media well versed in manufacturing consent and never offering retractions when said tapes turn out to be questionable frauds.

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