Prison Hit By Major Hack Attack

Prison Planet
Sunday, July 29, 2007

Prison suffered a major attack last night after it was hacked.

The perpetrators could be trolls acting in response to our article about Wikipedia censorship yesterday or they could be acting on behalf of all manner of government agencies that we have clashed with over the years.

We have the command prompt information for the hack and are now in the process of identifying the culprit, with a view to pursuing criminal charges.

Every time we are hacked we respond in the same way, by re-doubling our efforts.

We will be hiring new people and launching new websites in the near future to further magnify our output in the information war.

We are under constant attack and attempts at censorship for the simple reason that we are having a massive effect.

We now call on our great readers to circulate our articles at an even greater intensity to counter the effort to stifle this information.

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