Shots Fired At Browns Probable Attempt at Provocation
Numerous incidents last night around New Hampshire couple's property had frantic observers worried siege was underway

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Sunday, July 29, 2007

30 to 40 shots were fired outside Ed and Elaine Brown's house last night in what was a probable attempt at provocation to goad the Browns and their supporters into a violent response.

Alex Jones spoke to Elaine Brown at around 11:30pm last night and confirmed that what sounded like automatic weapon fire was heard coming from a wooded area behind the house.

Another supporter of the Browns who was staying on the property in a trailer was also startled when his mobile home was violently pounded on in the middle of the night, but the perpetrator escaped.

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According to the Brown's blog, others reported seeing Blackwater vehicles parked around the property on satellite surveillance images of the area.

Danny Riley, a friend of the Browns who is also staying in the house, earlier reported that a police vehicle had made its way onto the property but fishtailed and suddenly accelerated away from the scene violently.

The New Hampshire Police told Riley that they were putting down tracks to check how many vehicles were entering the property.

Frantic calls were made to the New Hampshire authorities throughout the night by concerned radio listeners, but early this morning the police denied any involvement in the incidents.

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The events coincided with coordinated hack attacks of the Infowars, Prison Planet and We Are Change websites, which went down just 20 minutes before the gunshots were heard.

Early indications suggest that this was an attempt to provoke the Browns and their supporters into a violent response.

Similar tactics were employed when the Browns held a Live Free Or Die jamboree two weeks ago when a Homeland Security helicopter flew low over the attendees and circled the property.

As ever, we are calling for calm heads on both sides and asking that the authorities leave the Browns alone and avoid needless bloodshed from taking place.

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