Poll: Less trust in BBC

Monday July 30, 2007

Viewers' trust in the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has plummeted in the wake of scandals, a new survey has found.

Nearly 60 percent of the viewers polled said that they trust the corporation less than they did before the two widely-publicized recent scandals, The Guardian reported.

The BBC lost a lot of public confidence when it was revealed that phone calls to a call-in competition were fake, while another 'television special' about Queen Elizabeth II was edited in such a way that gave viewers the erroneous impression that the queen had stormed out of a photo shoot.

The over-65 group showed the biggest decrease in trust, with 67 percent saying they had lost confidence in the BBC altogether.

Even worse, a majority of respondents said they have no more trust for the BBC than for corporate broadcasters.

The poll also captured an overall mistrust of television with only 22 percent of viewers saying that they trust what they watch.

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