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Three Norwegians Attend Secret Summit

Norway Post | June 6 2004

The Norwegian contribution to this year's Bilderberg Meeting is university chancellor Arild Underdal and industry leaders Egil Myklebust and Svein Aaser. Bilderberg is a secret club at which the word's elite decide how best to arrange tomorrow's world.

Hated and Loved. Conspiracy-theorists all over the world love to hate the Biderberg group. But they can't agree whether it is a Nazi, a Jewish, or just a plain old capitalist conspiracy. 50 years ago politicians and businessmen met at the Hotel Bilderberg in the Netherlands.

Ever since, the excess of secrecy has been so overwhelming that anyone
with a little curiosity and interest in conspiracies fantasizes about what it is that they are actually doing. Serbs contend that it was the Bilderbergs that arranged for the war to overthrow Slobodan Milosevic. The Oklahoma City bomber, Timothy McVeigh, believed that Bilderberg controls the world. Osama bin Laden likely believes likewise.

Rightwing extremists contend that the entire conference is a Jewish
mechanism for world control. Why else would Henry Kissinger attend? The leftwing insists that it is Hitler's dreams that is being carried
out: the rich and powerful take control without having to bother with
the democratic process.

"I for one believe you must dig deeper to find the true great conspiracy," says Arild Underdal. On Thursday he left the Chancellor's Office at Oslo University in order to make his debut appearance in the gathering of power-elites. In a 5 star hotel in Italy he will meet about 120 powerful men, and a handful of women.

This weekend George W. Bush is also in Italy, maybe he plans to drop by
for a bit?

If there is a ball on Saturday evening the competition will be fierce to get a dance with one of the 7 or 8 women. But it would be worth it to have a word with Queen Beatrice of the Netherlands or Mrs. Melinda Gates, wife to Bill Gates.

Underdal can not account for how it is that he was invited, but most certainly it was not via an application process. The two other Norwegian attendees are Svein Aaser of DnB (Den Norske Bank) and former Hydro chief Egil Myklebust. Aaser is spelled Auser in the program, but that is certainly just an effort to hide his true identity.

"Above all else, this is a meeting with a long tradition. One discusses the relationship between Europe and the USA, or similar matters. These are completely open discussions, some of them are very interesting," says Underdal.

He doesn't deny that the discussions might cover some delicate matters.

"Here you have many who hold, or have held, important political offices. It is not unthinkable that they will speak together."

Editorial Note: Some members of the editorial board of Aftenposten have
taken part in past Bilderberg Meetings: World News Editor Nils Morten
Udgaard in 1998 and Editor Per Egil Hegge the following year.