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Weapons of Mass Deception: Neo-Cons Promulgate WMD Lie

Prison Planet | Updated June 16 2004

The World Tribune, Neo-Con run pro-war party mouthpiece, ran the misleading headline on Friday, 'UN inspectors: Saddam shipped out WMD before war and after.'

The WMD heralded by the headline can be defined by the detail in the actual article.

"UNMOVIC acting executive chairman Demetrius Perricos told the council on June 9 that "the only controls at the borders are for the weight of the scrap metal, and to check whether there are any explosive or radioactive materials within the scrap," Middle East Newsline reported.... Perricos also reported that inspectors found Iraqi WMD and missile components shipped abroad that still contained UN inspection tags."

So the weapons of mass destruction alluded to in the screaming headline were actual scrap metal and materials which had already been tagged and catalogued by the UN.

Despite this, Rush Limbaugh and other Neo-Con talk show hosts have seized upon the headline and used it to desperately support their dwindling arguments about weapons of mass destruction.

On his website, from a transcript taken from his radio show, Limbaugh comments,

"There's a newspaper out there called the World Tribune. I saw it on their website, and they make no bones about the fact that there's a story over the weekend that the weapons of mass destruction are routinely being found, evidence of them."

This again reminds us of other myths that continue to be promulgated on similar talk shows, that Iraq had mobile weapons trucks and mass graves were found.

In actual fact, the mobile weapons trucks turned out to be for pumping up hydrogen baloons and were provided by the British. The mass graves were actually an exchange program of bodies between Iran and Iraq dating back to the war. Despite this, misleading headlines told us that the bones were evidence of Saddam's 'killing rooms' and victims of torture.

In another instance, so-called poison factories turned out to be nothing more than bakeries.

Alex Jones says he is stunned by the level of manufactured propaganda evident in the World Tribune piece. He says it's clear that this is a deliberate attempt to manipulate people into believing Saddam had weapons of mass destruction leading up to the invasion in 2003. Everyone knows that the UN destroyed even 1950's era weapons claiming that they were banned during the 12 year occupation. There have been literally thousands of news articles and TV shows showing the UN directing bulldozers as they run over rockets, missiles, and other weapons systems. All the UN says is that Iraq is having almost all of its raw metal shipped out of the country. This is all being publicly done but by sleight of hand World Tribune and their vector Rush Limbaugh are implying that weapons of mass destruction have been found. Neo-Cons have said this hundreds of times and never been called on it.

We shouldn't be surprised that World Tribune is churning out Goebbels-grade propaganda. Its president is Robert J. Morton, Managing Editor of the Washington Times and President of the publishing company for and, which are renowned for releasing reports chastising countries that the Bush administration wants to invade, while ignoring weapons proliferation by countries such as Israel.

Also on the editorial board is Steve Rodan, President of Middle East Newsline, a suspected Mossad propaganda front.