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Bodily Organs From Chinese Prisoners Tortured to Death Removed and Sold

Clear Wisdom | June 30 2004

On June 27, 2001, Wang Guoqi, a doctor specializing in the burn victims unit at the Paramilitary Tianjin General Hospital in Tianjin, testified before the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights of the United States House of Representatives. He said in his testimony that he was sent by the hospital to remove skin and corneas from the corpses of over one hundred executed prisoners at a crematorium.

Mr. Harry Wu (Wu Hongda) and United States Licensed Kidney Doctor Thomas Diflo also testified. Mr. Diflo, who is working in the NYU Medical Center, wrote in his article published in a May issue of the New York Village Voice that six of his patients who had kidney transplants in China came to him afterwards for medical care. These patients all told him that their new kidneys came from executed prisoners (see, Chinese version).

According to a Voice of America report on June 12, 2001, the Canada Global Post reported that a businessman who arranges kidney transplants in Vancouver is prospering because he has arranged many Canadian kidney patients to go to Shanghai, China to get surgery. The report said Shanghai has become the main provider of kidneys. The exposure of this international organ trade has aroused a strong reaction in Canada. (

Using violence, deception, and corruption, the Chinese dictatorship covers up many of its horrible crimes. The theft and sale by the government of bodily organs from executed prisoners has been confirmed by witnesses and condemned by the international community.

Witnesses say that Falun Dafa practitioners who are tortured to death sometimes have their organs stolen and sold to third parties. According to the case reports, a lot of practitioners who were tortured to death were found to have deep holes or knife cuts on their bodies. Some were given autopsies without the approval of their family members. Jiang and his regime have not only committed the crime of genocide of Falun Dafa practitioners, but also profit from the sale of their stolen organs. Below are some of the cases that have been reported.

We call on organizations, governments, people of conscience around the world, and the United Nations to please pay attention to this severe problem. We also call on all friends and family of Falun Dafa practitioners, and all people who still have a sense of conscience to collect and preserve evidence of such crimes, and find a way to send the evidence to the "Evidence Collection Committee" on (, who will maintain your personal safety. We can then put Jiang and his regime on trial.