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Green Pool Owners Could Face Fines, Jail

KPHO News 5 | June 18 2005

Comment: Police state poster boy Arpaio is up to his dirty tricks again. Watch this space for an 'Arpaio Watch' page with all his America-hating activities exposed. Click here to watch the localnews video.

(CBS 5 NEWS) - Sheriff Joe Arpaio wants to fight more than just crime. He's calling on his air posse to fight the West Nile virus.

The sheriff is calling it Operation A-Nile-ation. That's how he terms it with 16 reported West Nile deaths last year alone, they are calling this a crisis.

The sheriff’s air posse members will be flying over neighborhoods across the valley. They will use their aircraft for a mission that’s strictly related to spotting green pools. They’ll fly in fixed wing, helicopters and experimental aircraft, the air posse pilots will fly with spotters and carry cameras. They have already spotted several offenders and they found them in just one neighborhood. One volunteer pilot says it’s a matter of public health.

”I can tell you from experience and from flying 50 hours a month at 500 feet above ground level, there is no shortage of green pools in this town. They are everywhere. I would venture to say 5 to 10 percent of the pools here are not kept up. In my opinion, they either need to be drained or they need to chlorinate them,” says volunteer pilot Doug Fulton.

After those posse pilots spot the offenders they will turn the information over to ground posse members who will get the exact locations, give it to environmental health officials who can cite offenders.

Fines can be up to $500 and 30 days in jail.

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