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BBC Poll Shows 83% Oppose ID Cards

Paul Joseph Watson | June 30 2005

A poll running on the BBC website shows that 83% of respondants oppose the introduction of a national ID card in Britain.

This represents a total reversal of national sentiment since the proposals were first introduced by the government. At that time opinion polls showed an 80% majority who were in favour of national ID cards.

A recent London Independent article exposed the fact that the government were planning to finance the scheme by selling the data of 44 million British adults to private companies, betraying the government's lie that they would protect individual's information and not allow outside access to it.

The worldwide push to register every citizen under the umbrella of a biometric national ID grid is part of a long term agenda to create a surveillance society and a centralized system of social control.

People are finally seeing the true nature of the beast as its footsteps draw nearer and are standing up and saying no to high-tech slavery.

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