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Police State or Overzealous Border Patrol? Alex Jones Incident

ViveleCanada | June 9 2006

What’s going on in Canada these days? What the news/media is reporting isn’t nearly as interesting as what it isn’t reporting. Perhaps you are suspicious about whether our civil rights are on the line. Perhaps you don’t want to think about it at all and prefer to trust implicitly that our government is acting in our best interests. There are some Canadians, who are even willing to give up their freedom in exchange for some strengthened promise of security. Trusts can be abused as we saw in the Sponsorship Scandal. Promises can be broken as we saw in the Peter Mckay/David Orchard Betrayal. Voters can be ‘hoodwinked’ as we saw in the Emerson defection. These are the players many Canadians still offer complete and blind trust even though a democracy demands that we be skeptical and watchful of our elected officials.

Whether you believe that there is a group of rich powerful men that meet and plan out the power strategies for world economies, arrange puppet governments for other nations, or offer to trade away the resources of one country for cheap labour in another, and whether you call those meetings conspiracies or private parties matters not one bit to those who are playing the game. Our belief in such a system does not make it exist nor does our denial make it a fabrication. There are many who believe such a group does exist. The Bilderberg Group is named after the Dutch hotel where it held its first meeting in 1954. You can read all about it, some newspapers are talking about it, and the Ottawa Citizen had a story and there are many sites on the internet. Here is one:

These meetings would have no significance to the majority of the world population if they were not shrouded in secrecy and if the highest levels of security were not imposed surrounding the meetings. There is plenty of speculation about what goes on in these meetings, but without media to represent the people we have no voice. CAP’s concern is around the side story to these meetings. Clearly the meetings are being held in Canada this year. Evidence to support this is the reaction at our border on Wednesday evening when a respected member of the media was detained for 15 hours by our border patrol. It is reported by the victim, Alex Jones that the border patrols were warned he was coming and advised by the Bilderberg group to detain him. Who gave them the authority to instruct our border security? Who is running this country? So the question of whether a police state is on the horizon is no longer a question, it is here!

This journalist, broadcaster was being tracked. His intention to come to Canada was known in advance. Security was notified. This individual is not a criminal. He is a member of the international independent media.

Canadians ought to be very concerned about these kinds of tactics. Either we consider the press the people’s representative and demand freedom of the press or we forfeit our right to a democratic free state. We should be outraged. If we cannot depend on mainstream media to report the facts which are impacting our lives us and independent media is being prevented from doing so, what freedom of the press does this democracy support? I attach one Canadian’s thoughts and account of this incident for you to make up your own mind about the state of affairs in Canada today.

Catherine Whelan Costen, Canadian Action Party President Ph: 403-660-0449

Canadian Action Party/ Parti Action Canadienne; Leader, Constance
(Connie) Fogal
Telephone (604) 872 2128 home; Fax: (604) 872 1504 E-mail:
#385- 916 West Broadway, Vancouver B.C. V5Z1K7

We have seen it coming, said it was coming and apparently the 'police state' is here.
On Wednesday night, American Journalist, national syndicated broadcaster and documentary filmmaker Alex Jones and his crew of two arrived in Ottawa to cover and document this year's meeting of the Bilderberg Group. They were immediately detained, separated, searched, interrogated, verbally abused, threatened, had their equipment confiscated and were held incommunicado for some fifteen grueling hours. Is this Canada? I for one am outraged !

I think that independent media members with no criminal history, nor history of violence, and who have made no threat to our nation have just as much right to enter Canada as other journalists working for mega-corporations - and for that matter, the owners and financiers of these mega-corps, who are seemingly immune from immigration laws and the treatment afforded Mr. Jones. Apparently they can come and go as they please.

Most half-ways informed people today have at least heard of the Bilderberg group. Only a few short years ago, it's very existence was vehemently denied in the mainstream media. Now their meetings are practically common knowledge, though not all know exactly who they are, where they meet, nor precisely why they meet. The evidence, according to those who do bother to investigate them, is that they meet and make decisions that do affect ALL of us without any representation nor mainstream media coverage. But, it is only the so-called 'alternative' or independent media who pursue them, and what they have documented cannot be ignored, and their findings indicate that the Bilderbergers should not simply be deemed a private group. Nor should rights be conferred on them that we as average citizens cannot expect.

That they meet in secret (or attempt to), discuss strategies, make real decisions and advance real agendas and even political candidates is no longer a big secret, thanks to the independent media.

The following is from a recent 'mainstream' news article featuring an interview with famed Bilderberger investigator Jim Tucker if the American Free Press.:

(Bilderbergers say they're building transatlantic understanding, frankly talking about the issues but prefer to do it in private where invited participants can speak freely.

Even mainstream critics say they are elitist, undemocratic and unaccountable. Others finger Bilderbergers as building a self-serving world government, pulling strings behind the scenes and planting their candidates in politics and other positions of power to serve their needs.

This year, they'll again be talking oil prices, Tucker said (who has followed them for many years).

"Last year we reported on plans for oil prices to increase dramatically," he said. "At that time, oil was as low as $40 a barrel. Then it shot up to $70 a barrel. They do affect us.

"Conspiracy is fact when you have 120 of the world's most powerful men and they conduct public business behind closed doors with armed guards." )

I have to ask, how it is that the "conspiracy theorists" get it right each year when they announce the location and dates where the "secret meetings" are to be held, and what they report always seems to turn out to be pretty much accurate. Are they psychic? No, they have investigated and have good, reliable sources. And if we had a truly independent and concerned media investigating this group without corporate interference, they would likely come to the same conclusions.

The Bilderbergers cannot be equated with rich Hollywood stars trying to enjoy some privacy with family and friends, who deserve to be left alone (but who are not). They are undeniably the global power elite and are discussing (some might say conspiring), setting their agenda and through the power of money and influence, putting it into practice, and we have a right to know what it is, and to demonstrate against it, if we decide that we are opposed. Without independent inquiry and exposure, we are simply blind little sheep to be herded and exploited.

Alex Jones took it upon himself, at his own expense to try and provide coverage of this event to inform the world (as the mainstream refuses to do, other than peripherally), and I think we owe him our gratitude. Agree with him or not on his conclusions, he should be treated with as much respect as any other member of the media (foreign or domestic), and he should not be subjected to arbitrary detention at the behest of global elite bullies and their vicious barking dogs. If the treatment he received upon his arrival in Canada is typical of that afforded foreign journalists, then we are indeed living in a 'police state'.
I am left to wonder what consequences there would be if commentators such as Ann Coulter of FOX news or MSNBC's Tucker Carlson (who both have made seriously derogatory and inflammatory remarks about our country and even veiled threats) came here and were subjected to such treatment? Or what of Michael Moore? You can bet that it would be an international incident, and in the end, Canadian officials would be apologizing profusely and heads would roll at Immigration Canada.

If this is still a free, sovereign, fair, and just country, then I think the same should apply in the case of Alex Jones who is of no threat to this country - though apparently, his 'information' is a threat to the power elite who would rather that we remain blissful, ignorant sheep.

I call upon P.M. Stephen Harper and the Minister for Immigration to make a public apology to Mr. Jones and his crew on behalf of all Canadians. And if our government will not offer an apology, then I take it upon myself, to offer my own, on behalf of my fellow citizens for this extreme and unwarranted behaviour. I thank him for attempting to do a public service on behalf of Canadians, Americans and average people the world over: Giving us some information and letting us make up our own minds. After all, knowledge is power, right? Apparently, that is what they are afraid of.

Wayne Prante

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