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Stewart: Perfume those turds...

Crooks and Liars | June 14 2006

Ken Mehlman stepped onto the set of The Daily Show last night and was so easily carved up by Stewart that you could see Jon was holding back..

Stewart: You're the guy--I have sympathy for you because you're the guy who has to spray perfume on these turds. You know what I mean? You're the guy that has to go out and like no matter what (garbled) It's not an easy job. I mean what happened to these guys...

Did Ken say that Afghanistan was a failed state? When an interviewer (fake of course) asks pointed questions to the Mehlman's out there; they just cave. I keep posting these clips and keep shaking my head at how these talking point junkies are so easily debunked. Stewart has that ability. Mehlman actually looked very nervous.

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