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UN Closes Book On Milosevic Cover-up
The Hague Tribunal's final verdict on Slobodan Milosevic's death has concluded that he was not poisoned and there was no foul play involved. Imagine my shock. The truth is that the circumstances of Milosevic's death and why it had to happen prove foul play even absent allegations of poisoning.
Keanu Reeves Slams Police State As Scanner Lights Up Cannes
Keanu Reeves has slammed the modern day police state and surveillance society, a centerpiece of the upcoming film in which he stars, during promotion for A Scanner Darkly at the Cannes film festival.
Fake Soldier Confession Video Runs As Cover For Real Slaughter
A widely circulated video in which an army ranger confessed to the brutal indiscriminate murder of Iraqi civilians and its vehement debunking as a hoax has acted as a smokescreen for the very real admission and evidence of US war crimes in Iraq.
A Construction Drill Provides A Martial Law Drill
The over hyped false alarm of a construction drill that caused a mass panic over rumors of gunshots in the Rayburn Building on Friday and the way in which it was reported by the servile media was a means of indoctrinating Americans to the procedure of martial law lock down of a major city.
Another Staged Charade From The War Criminals
Last night's Bush/Blair press conference was the latest in a long line of carefully choreographed, staged and scripted, PR charades designed to fool the watching audience into thinking that there was anyone outside of the Globalist coalition of the killing and their dwindling army of sycophantic cheerleaders that actually supported the never ending occupation of Iraq.
Tony Blair Will Make Britain Look Like It Lost To The Nazis
The police and government of the United Kingdom are trying to make it as inconvenient as possible to live your life without presenting ID at every turn in order to force Britons into relinquishing any notion of personal privacy.
Secret FEMA Plan To Use Pastors as Pacifiers in Preparation For Martial Law
A Pastor has come forward to blow the whistle on a nationwide FEMA program which is training Pastors and other religious representatives to become secret police enforcers who teach their congregations to "obey the government" in preparation for a declaration of martial law, property and firearm seizures, and forced relocation.
Top Experts To Expose 9-11 Fraud At L.A. Conference
In June 2006 researchers, scholars, journalists, media personalities, and average folks will come together from all over the USA to gather in Los Angeles to invite the rest of the world to examine the facts of 9/11.
New Zogby Poll Frightens Masters Of Terror Into Releasing 'Bin Laden Tape'
A new Zogby International poll that shows over 45% of Americans want a new independent investigation of 9/11 has the masters of terror running scared and dreaming up new ways to blind side intrigued Americans into sticking their heads back in the sand and relinquishing their suspicions in return for government protection.
What Would Flight 77 Eyewitnesses Have Actually Seen
What would eyewitnesses to whatever crashed into the Pentagon have actually seen? Our video analysis shows it's plausible they could have identified the jet as a large American Airlines Boeing 757, but comments about seeing intricate details of the plane as it zoomed past at over 500 MPH are outside the realm of possibility.
Former Pilot Says 'Jet Blast' Dismissal Doesn't Fly
Following the publication of our article questioning claims that wake turbulence or jet blast could have thrown cars around the highway as Flight 77 approached the Pentagon at a reported altitude of 20 feet, a former pilot and aeronautical engineer contacted us to refute the arguments presented in the piece.
Would Flight 77 Have Really Thrown Cars & People Off The Highway?
One of the pieces of evidence skeptics cite to claim that Flight 77 could not have hit the Pentagon is that the plane's incredibly low altitude would have thrown people and cars around the highway on the approach path like rag dolls by means of wake turbulence. How accurate is this assumption?
Hayden's 'Tap Phones To Catch Terrorists' Lie Doesn't Wash
General Hayden's justification that the NSA surveillance program would have prevented 9/11 by uncovering two of the alleged hijackers is a complete fallacy for two reasons.
Updated: CNN Shopping For Guests To Attack Charlie Sheen
CNN is trying to bait 9/11 truth activists to appear as guests on its programs and attack Charlie Sheen. William Rodriguez and Philip Berg appeared on the Alex Jones Show today to expose a smear campaign that seeks to poison the well of the 9/11 truth movement.
Judicial Watch Says More Pentagon Tapes To Come
Judicial Watch Director of Investigations & Research and former military intelligence officer Chris Farrell says the watchdog organization plans to file another lawsuit in order to obtain as many as possible of the 84 other tapes that potentially show what happened at the Pentagon on 9/11.
What Do You Think Of The Da Vinci Code? Who Cares
The Da Vinci code is the latest salvo in mass marketed conspiratorial junk that creates a counterfeit cultural zeitgeist and diverts focus from the real conspiratorial agendas that are unfolding before our own eyes not on a movie screen or a fictional paperback but in reality.
Charlie Sheen's Pentagon Questions Remain Unanswered
News anchors claimed new footage would 'shut him up' then looked disappointed as a few grainy images were played.
Pentagon Video Is Giant Psy-Op
Grainy video stills showing what is claimed to be the nose cone of Flight 77 will only result in an increased circus of debate around the issue of what happened at the Pentagon in preparation for a future release of clear video footage that 'debunks' people who question the official version of 9/11.
Release Of Pentagon Images Direct Assault On 9/11 Truth Movement
The release of new video images of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon is both a direct assault against a 9/11 truth movement that has flourished in recent months and an attempt to reinforce the attendant propaganda of 9/11 in light of Bush's 29% approval rating.
Bush's Border Smoke And Mirrors
President Bush's grand gesture to send 6,000 national guard troops to the border is an empty political maneuver.
Blair's Legacy: Choking Every Freedom We Ever Had
Since Tony Blair took office in 1997 he has presided over the complete implosion of every fundamental human right in Britain that one would expect to hold in a free society.
Big Brother Was Listening In A Long Time Ago
We really do hate to keep having to repeat ourselves and with the NSA story it's a total bore.
Iranian President's Letter Highlights 9/11 Inside Job
Iranian President Ahmadinejad's letter to George W. Bush hit the headlines for many reasons but the most important segment, in which Ahmadinejad discusses government sponsored terror, has largely been ignored.
When George W. Bush Had Alex Jones Arrested For Asking A Question
McGovern should count himself lucky that the thought police didn't put him in cuffs and kidnap him
McGovern Almost Ejected For Confronting Rumsfeld WMD "Lies"
Former CIA analyst Ray McGovern confronted Donald Rumsfeld on why he lied about weapons of mass destruction in a speech Thursday and was almost ejected from the conference room by security after Rumsfeld again deceptively claimed he never said Iraq had WMD.
Universal Admits Defeat, Removes Flight 93 Forum
Universal Studios has admitted defeat in its efforts to re-package the official 9/11 fraud and has completely deleted its own forum after the website was hijacked by individuals posting truthful information about what really happened to Flight 93.
Many Hispanics Say Demonstrators 'Don't Speak For Us'
A new organization is receiving attention for its bold stance against the motivations behind this week's immigrant demonstrations.
Blackout On Violent Illegal Invasions of Schools, Stabbings In Santa Ana
The media has portrayed the immigration protests as orderly and peaceful yet in Santa Ana California alarming reports have emerged of illegal aliens swarming around in mobs invading schools, carrying out violent beatings and in one incident a county worker had a Mexican flag plunged into his chest.
Colbert Reaction Shows Media Are Frightened Of Bush
The way in which the media received Stephen Colbert's act during the White House Correspondents Dinner should set alarm bells ringing about the real state of the union.
Exposing The Real Racists In The Immigration Debate
The Associated Press encapsulated the sentiment of the immigration protesters in the first sentence of its report yesterday in stating that the boycotts were characterized as a "day without gringos."
Bushite Neo-Cons Responsible For May Day Immigration Protests
Today's massive immigration protests which are being afforded lavish and complimentary media attention were orchestrated by the Neo-Cons and the Bush administration and represent a fifth columnist movement openly intent on destroying America as we know it.
Powerful New Film Expertly Exposes Phony Drug War & Police State
A Scanner Darkly set to shake collective unconsciousness through viral popular culture shot in the arm.
Universal's Flight 93 'Hijacked' By Truth Seekers
Universal Studio's Flight 93 movie online forum has been completely infiltrated by people opposing the official government 9/11 fable and its moderators are having to delete entire threads in real time deeming them, "inappropriate."
Majority Of Americans Oppose Surveillance State
A new survey conducted by Computer World shows a clear majority of American citizens are opposed to government surveillance of their activities. These figures contradict claims that roughly half of Americans support domestic government wiretaps.
Al-Zarqawi Video Is A Pentagon Propaganda Psy-Op
The Pentagon is engaged in a psychological PR propaganda campaign to exaggerate the role of Musab Al-Zarqawi in Iraq and link the war in Iraq to 9/11. How do we know? Because their own leaked documents admit it.
Pamphlet: 'Nice Guys' Who Wear Levis & Travel With Children Likely Terrorists
A Texas Department of Public Safety Criminal Law Enforcement pamphlet gives the public characteristics to identify terrorists that include buying baby formula, beer, wearing Levi jeans, carrying identifying documents like a drivers license and traveling with women or children.
Demonstrator Speaks Out On Chinese Govt. Ghoulish Organ Harvesting
Dr Wang Wenyi, the brave demonstrator who was arrested by the secret service and rebuked by the US media for protesting the visit of brutal despot Hu Jintao, has spoken out .
Living With War
Fake bin Laden tapes, terrorist bombings in Egypt desperate lunge by global architects to promote 'war on terror' hoax
Thermite Identified As Culprit Of WTC Collapse
A new branch of 9/11 research claims to have identified the cause of the collapse of the twin towers. The photographic and video evidence makes a very strong case for thermite being responsible for the unprecedented implosions of steel framed reinforced buildings on September 11.
Pro-Torture, Pro-Tyranny Media Rebukes Brave Falun Gong Protester
The courageous and awe-inspiring actions of the Falun Gong member who warned China's imperial festering slug dictator Hu Jintao that his "day's were numbered" were met with a reaction that foretells the collapse of America into the exact same style of tyrannical despotism mastered by the absolute rulers of China.
Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack
Former Helmut Schmidt cabinet member, 25-year German Parliamentarian and global intelligence expert Andreas Von Bülow says that the 9/11 attack was run by the highest levels of the US intelligence apparatus using WTC Building 7 as a command bunker which was later demolished in order to destroy the crime scene.
Chronicle Forced To Issue Retraction On 9-11 Hit Piece
Yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle 9/11 hit piece by Cinnamon Stillwell has encountered massive backlash from the alternative truth community after it cynically dismissed legitimate concerns about 9/11 and labeled anyone who voiced them as anti-semitic extremists.
Chronicle Hit Piece Says Whole Country Saw Plane Hit Pentagon!
A San Francisco Chronicle hit piece which purports to tell 'the truth about 9/11 conspiracy theories' dismisses questions about what happened at the Pentagon by saying that the whole country witnessed the site of a plane flying into the building.
Cheney Gets Booed, Sheen Gets Applauded
An interesting contrast was provided last week with the American public's reaction to two very different high profile personalities, Charlie Sheen and Dick Cheney. Sheen appeared on a Friday night ABC talk show and Cheney threw the first pitch at a Washington Nationals baseball game.
Charlie Sheen Says Media Complicit In 9/11 Cover-Up
Charlie Sheen has hit back against the predictable establishment response to his Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance by asking why they failed to address the two core issues he mentioned, the five frames of the Pentagon footage and Building 7. Sheen accuses the media of being complicit in the 9/11 cover-up.
Sheen Courageously Challenges 9/11 Orthodoxy On National TV
Over the past month Charlie Sheen's comments on 9/11 have sent shockwaves throughout the media and caused a firestorm of both support and establishment hit pieces.
Corporate Media Willfully Ignores Charlie Sheen's Challenge
The London Observer carried an article in this week's edition by movie critic Mark Kermode which again wholesale refused to address any of the evidence that Charlie Sheen had raised to clarify his stance on 9/11.
Foreign Government Manipulates US Domestic Policy With Help of the Bush Mafia and Their PR Cronies In late December 2005, Mexican President Vicente Fox hired a lobbying firm to sweeten political sentiment in the US towards Mexicans and the immigration issue.
Reinforcing The Official Lie
The trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the mentally retarded fall guy who is admittedly stunned and brainwashed into playing the part of a Punch and Judy puppet, is acting as a form of operant conditioning, negatively reinforcing the official version of 9/11 by re-running the horror of that day.
The Credibility Of The Dissenting Viewpoint
I have been to enough sporting events to know what booing sounds like and make no mistake Dick Cheney was booed big time at yesterday's Washington Nationals baseball game.
White House Claims No Agenda To Attack Iran
The White House reacted with shock and revulsion to a report that, God forbid, they were planning another pre-emptive strike on a misbehaving Middle Eastern backwater. I mean don't be ridiculous, that never happens does it? I'm also waiting patiently for the Easter Bunny to deliver my eggs this weekend.
Claim: 7/7 Bombers Planned To Drown Tens Of Thousands
A British political party claims to be in contact with a source, likely to be a police officer, who claims that the night before the 7/7 London Underground bombings, a team of terrorists with a fifth bomb was caught trying to bomb the River Thames and flood the underground, killing tens of thousands of people.
Last Hope For Impeachment
Today's White House admission that George W. Bush authorized the leak of the name of CIA agent Valerie Plame as a political stunt in retaliation for Joe Wilson's refusal to be the snake oil salesman for their rigged war, is the final nail in the coffin proving we have a dictatorship in Washington.
Bird Flu Outbreak Coincided With Drill
Britain's bird flu scare that officials are now warning could spread to other areas of Scotland coincided with an exercise that drilled a response to an avian flu outbreak. The drill included the involvement of Downing Street and the Ministry of Defence.
Bird Flu And Social Darwinism
Britain again became a victim of bird flu paranoia today after a dead swan in Scotland tested positive for the H5N1 strain of bird flu. Since Sky News and BBC are reveling in the seriousness of all this it's pertinent and timely to recap on the real agenda behind bird flu.
New Terror Targets: Liars, Clash Fans & 83-Year-Old Wheelchair Bound Women
If you think that the time frame since 9/11 and the sanity of airport security coalesce to make traveling a little easier for us all then you're sorely mistaken. Further examples this week provide us more nightmare tales from the world of post September 11.
Dr. Death & The Religion Of Genocide
The elite have created a religion of genocide and the nation's universities are the churches for the communication of an environmental jihad that threatens to decimate the human species as we know it.
Dr. Death Gets FBI Visit
The Austin-American Statesman today reports that Dr Eric Pianka, who has been at the center of a media firestorm for wishing death upon 90% of humanity via and airborne ebola bio-attack, today received a visit from the FBI after he was reported as a potential terrorist.
Government Says Aspartame Is Good For You
The deadly toxin Aspartame which is included in more than 6,000 food and drink products around the world is good for you according to a new government study.
UK Big Brother Has Eye On ID Card Refusniks
Any UK citizen who refuses to be marked as cattle of the state and carry a national ID card must leave the country before 2008 or face fines and prison sentences as the government cracks down on refusniks.
Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect
The former head of the Star Wars missile defense program under Presidents Ford and Carter has gone public to say that the official version of 9/11 is a conspiracy theory and his main suspect for the architect of the attack is Vice President Dick Cheney.
Top Scientist Advocates Mass Culling 90% Of Human Population
A top scientist gave a speech to the Texas Academy of Science last month in which he advocated the need to exterminate 90% of the population through the airborne ebola virus.
Charlie Sheen Reinvigorates 9/11 Truth Movement
As the Charlie Sheen story ends its second week and with cookie-cutter establishment hit pieces continuing to be churned out, the attack dogs are facing an intensifying backlash from a clear majority of educated American citizens who are sick and tired of the sneering elitism of the mainstream media.
The 'Fear Of Muslims' Conspiracy Theory
Betsy Hart has formulated a catchy and convenient conspiracy theory for why so many people are asking serious questions about what happened on 9/11. We're all scared! Unfortunately, this lethargic leap of logic fails to address the requisition laid forth by Charlie Sheen last week - challenge us on the facts.
Venezuelan Government To Launch International 9/11 Investigation
Billionaire philanthropist Jimmy Walter and WTC survivor William Rodriguez this week embarked on a groundbreaking trip to Caracas Venezuela.
Actor & Director Ed Asner Shares 9/11 Concerns
Award winning director, producer and actor Ed Asner is the latest high profile public figure to voice his support for Charlie Sheen's stance on 9/11 and share his own concerns about 9/11, the war in Iraq and the Neo-Cons.
Race Riots Could Lead to Camps For Americans and Illegals
The catalyst for the agenda to intern millions of Americans deemed subversive in a time of manufactured chaos could be race riots kick-started by radicalized Mexican Klan groups and their establishment controllers.
Fox: Should We Torture People To Prevent Terror Attacks?
Fox News continued their efforts to make jackbooted tyranny seem as normal as drinking a cup of coffee yesterday when it aired a segment asking if Zacarias Moussaoui should have been tortured in order to prevent 9/11.
Virginia Training Manual Lists Property Rights Activists As Terrorists
A Virginia training manual used to help state employees recognize terrorists lists anti-government and property rights activists as terrorists and includes binoculars, video cameras, pads and notebooks in a compendium of terrorist tools.
'Immigration Protests' Cover For Racist Ethnic Cleansing Movement
At the height of last year's French riots, Voz de Aztlan leader Ernesto Cienfuegos stated that similar scenes of chaos would be witnessed on the streets of America.
Chinese Military Handed No-Bid Contract On Key US Security Infrastructure
The US government has handed a no-bid contract directly to the Chinese military machine to handle key security infrastructure right as that country gears up for a future confrontation with America.
Charlie Sheen 'Challenge Me On the Facts'
Charlie Sheen has responded publicly for the first time since the media firestorm over his comments by challenging his detractors to debate him on the evidence of 9/11 and not issues relating to his personal life.
Charlie Sheen 9/11 Story Goes Viral
The Charlie Sheen 9/11 story is set to roll into Friday still at the height of its controversy now being the discussion of thousands of forums and blogs, more mainstream coverage and Thursday night's appearance of Alex Jones on CNN's Showbiz Tonight.
Google Caught Censoring Charlie Sheen 9-11 Story
Google is again embroiled in a censorship scandal after being caught blocking information about Charlie Sheen's 9/11 comments, despite the fact that every other major search engine had indexed the pages.
MSM Attacks Charlie Sheen Over 9-11 Comments
The mainstream media has finally seen fit to cover Charlie Sheen's comments on 9/11with both the New York Post and the Boston Herald penning hit pieces that seek to smear Sheen as an unstable crackpot.
Huge Reaction To Sheen 9/11 Story
Yesterday's Charlie Sheen story, in which the actor went public with his grave suspicions about the official story of 9/11, received widespread interest across the Internet and was even linked on the Drudge Report for a time, a news website that gets more traffic than the New York Times.
Mainstream Media Blackout On Sheen 9/11 Piece
Despite a huge reaction amongst the alternative media to Charlie Sheen's comments on 9/11, in part thanks to a brief link on the Drudge Report which was mysteriously pulled after a few hours, newswires and entertainment outlets have actively sought to impose a blackout on the story.
Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story
Actor Charlie Sheen has joined a growing army of other highly credible public figures in questioning the official story of 9/11 and calling for a new independent investigation of the attack and the circumstances surrounding it.
Landmark Implosion Looks Like WTC Collapse
The controlled demolition of a North Texas building Saturday provided a stark reminder that WTC Building 7 and the twin towers could not have been brought down by any other means than planned implosion.
Bush Signs Bill That Didn't Pass Congress
In an amazing development that has received almost no media attention, mainstream or alternative, President Bush again placed himself above the law and wilfully violated the Constitution by signing into law a bill that didn't pass both Houses of Congress.
Milosevic Autopsy: The Murderers Clear Themselves
Milosevic wrote a letter one day before his death claiming he was being poisoned to death in jail. The lawyer who advised Milosevic during his trial, Azdenko Tomanovic, showed journalists a handwritten letter in which Milosevic wrote: "They would like to poison me. I'm seriously concerned and worried."
MySpace Is The Trojan Horse Of Internet Censorship
MySpace isn't cool, it isn't hip and it isn't trendy. It represents a cyber trojan horse and the media elite's last gasp effort to reclaim control of the Internet and sink it with a stranglehold of regulation, control and censorship.
Congressman Says Iran War Delayed
Congressman Ron Paul has contradicted other high profile warnings that a military strike on Iran is right around the corner.
Saddam Silenced For Fingering US In Iraq Bombings
On the very first day of Saddam Hussein's testimony the judge turned off his microphone and ordered all media to leave following Saddam's comments that the civil war in Iraq is being deliberately fueled by the US.
The Real Butchers Of Serbia Clinton, Clark, NATO
The media coverage of Slobodan Milosevic's death has branched off into two distinct contexts. One is the desperate scramble to spin evidence and testimony suggesting Slobo was murdered and the other revolves around discussion that Milosevic was knocked off because he was about to call Bill Clinton as a witness at the Hague.
If Anyone's Satanic It's Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson is back on the news treadmill after telling his viewers that Islam wants to take over the world and is not a religion of peace, and that radical Muslims are "satanic."
Decadent Elite Laugh At Torture During Gridiron Club Dinner
The mainstream press is having a hearty chuckle about the capers and the chicanery witnessed at the annual Gridiron Club dinner, a get-together of media and government elites. The highlight was an "amusing" rendition of a torture song by a dragged-up Tim Russert.
Why Milosevic Was Murdered
Slobodan Milosevic was a distasteful man with authoritarian Communist ideals. But the reasons for his obvious murder revolve around his evergreen willingness to blow the whistle on the global criminal masterminds who had made the mistake of giving 'Slobo' a speaking platform in the first place.
Fox Security Threatens Disagreeing O'Reilly Callers
Bill O'Reilly's on-air threat to callers who disagreed with him that they would receive a visit from Fox security and that their information would be turned over to local law enforcement.
Order Out Of Chaos In Iraq
It is now clearer than ever before that the blueprint for Iraq from the very start was to deliberately allow the country to descend into chaos and encourage Muslim to kill Muslim as the Neo-Con juggernaut of ethnic cleansing roars on to steamroll its next victim.
Iran War About Ethnic Cleansing, Not Oil Bourse
Noted author F William Engdahl is keen to warn that Iran's plans institute a Tehran oil bourse is a red herring that diverts attention from the real long-term geopolitical agenda to remove another Middle East pawn in the quest for Neo-Con world domination.
Iran's Deadly EMP Weapon Latest Neo-Con War Fraud
From the same snake oil salesmen that brought you 45 minute attack claims, dodgy dossiers and weapons bunkers that were bakeries, comes the shocking new threat that could knock America back into the stone age, Iran's deadly EMP weapons.
Police Re-Authorize Targeted Assassination on Streets Of Britain
The Association of Chief Police Officers in Britain has concluded in its inquiry that the shoot to kill policy which was carried out in the murder of Jean Charles de Menezes is acceptable and should not be altered.
Borrowed Some Money? You May Be With Al-Qaeda
Last week’s story about a retired Texas school teacher who came under Homeland Security’s microscope for paying off a $6,522 credit card debt has been trumped by a similar case involving an amount of just $650.
Traffic Surveillance Cameras To Monitor Personal BehaviorNot satisfied with over 4 million CCTV cameras already spying on British citizens, the government is now floating proposals to turn the country's 14,000 speed cameras on drivers to monitor their personal habits.
Another Iraq Trophy Video Exposes Coalition of the Killing
Although this video is from the early days of the war, or turkey shoot to be more precise, it is timely to take another look. Click here to view the video, below is the transcript.
War, Never Been So Much Fun!
Introducing a brand new Spring blockbuster from the people who brought you Abu Ghraib. It's the Coalition of the Killing's new 'liberation' video and it's set to put Syriana and Brokeback Mountain to shame at the Oscars.
Protecting America From Terrorists Who Pay Bills
When they're not investigating toy store owners for selling Rubik's cubes or handing out federal grants for tiny towns to install surveillance cameras to spy on everyone, Homeland Security is busy protecting us from the enemy by investigating you if you pay off credit card debt.
Republican Congressman Predicts Bush Impeachment
Republican Congressman Ron Paul has gone on record with his prediction that the impeachment of George W. Bush is right around the corner but warned that in the meantime the US was slipping perilously close to a dictatorship.
Why Americans Know More About The Simpsons Than The Constitution
More Americans can name Simpsons characters than they can the freedoms that the 1st Amendment upholds. This is a benchmark of how much danger the country is in and the blame can be laid with public education.
Former Soviet Dissident Warns Of EU Socialist Dictatorship
A former dissident who was imprisoned in Soviet gulags for a total of twelve years has warned that he personally saw secret documents in 1992 which outlined a conspiracy to turn the European Union into a Socialist dictatorship.
Gulags For American Citizens In Final Planning Stages
Bush administration and US army preparations to target American citizens and intern them in forced labor camps has vastly accelerated in the past month and commentators from all over the political spectrum are sounding the alarm bells that the round-ups may begin soon.
Is Iraq Civil War By Design?
Is this disaster really a result of a failed foreign policy or is it a deliberate plan to initiate a policy of ethnic cleansing that will finally allow the Globalists to capture and dominate Iraq as they never could before?
Media Treadmill Blackout On Key Issues Of Port Story
The mainstream media treadmill has re-employed its familiar tactic of moving attention away from the cornerstone smoking guns that make the port story important and those that would implicate former administration officials and the White House itself in criminal activities.
Bush Admits Bin Laden's Help Ensured Election Win
According to a soon to be released book written by Bill Sammon, Senior White House Correspondent for the Washington Examiner, Bush attributes his 2004 victory over John Kerry in part to a Osama bin Laden videotape released on the eve of the election.
Diana Death Investigation Confirms Evidence Of Cover-up
The investigation into the death of Princess Diana, led by former Metropolitan Police Commissioner Lord Stevens, continues to confirm previously known facts and unearth new evidence proving that the August 31st 1997 crash was no accident.
Toledo Terrorists and Government Entrapment
News that a federal grand jury has indicted three Toledo-area men for terrorist activities has stoked alarmist headlines warning of Al-Qaeda cells waiting to strike inside America.
Google Imposes Worldwide Ban On China Critical Website
For the first time in what some fear will signal a growing trend, Google Inc. has banned and removed a mainstream news website from all its worldwide search engines, seemingly due to the website's reports on China's geopolitical affairs and military technology.
Village Voice Hit Piece Attacks 9-11 Skeptics
A new hit piece is doing the rounds that seeks to portray the 9/11 truth movement as an almost evangelical orthodoxy with ties to Neo-Nazi organizations.
The Port Sell-Out and the Dismantling of America
It is a stated goal of the Bilderberg Group, the Trilateral Commission and the CFR to promote what they call 'interdependence' and to lobby governments to sell off key infrastructure such as roads, lakes, ports, and highways to international corporations so that corporations can grow to be bigger in size than government.
Will Bush Administration Close Gitmo?
Developments over the past few days indicate that the Bush administration may be on the verge of announcing the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. If this happens it will be a token political gesture and the worldwide torture and rendition program will not cease.
'A Scanner Darkly' Reveals Near Future Police State
A new movie set to hit the big screen this summer depicts a near future America that has lost the war on drugs and capitulated into the tentacles of a pervasive control grid.
BIS Calls For Global Currency
The scandal-ridden and highly secretive Bank For International Settlements, considered to be the world's top central banking policy, has released a policy paper that calls for the end of national currencies in favor of a global model of currency formats.
One Thousand A Month Tortured To Death In Iraq
Proving that Abu Ghraib and Gitmo are the tip of the iceberg, the outgoing UN human rights chief dropped a bombshell when he told an obscure Maltese newspaper that as many as a thousand detainees a month are being tortured to death in Iraq.
AP Recycles Old Bin Laden Tape For New Propaganda
Using the justification that it was 'complete' - the Associated Press reported on a month old alleged bin Laden audio tape as if it was a new story. Either it was a quiet weekend or this is another branch of Rumsfeld's black propaganda campaign.
We Want Information: The Database State
The population of the United Kingdom are being trained like circus acts to sing and perform when any designated 'authority figure' demands they hand over their personal information in anticipation of the mandatory ID card that will weed out the subversives and block the non-conformists from using public services or being able to travel.
Latest Airline Terror Threat People Who Read Books
The latest example of airline security gone insane is provided by rock star and stand-up comedian Henry Rollins, who was recently reported to the Australian government for reading a book on an aeroplane.
Houston Police Chief Wants Surveillance Cameras In Private Homes
The age of the telescreen is upon us as surveillance cameras that festoon our streets, shopping malls and airports are now moving into our private homes as the panopticon prison is erected.
Media Ignores Cheney 'Smoking Gun'
Amidst the swirl of outrage, obfuscation and wisecracking, one fundamental flaw in the White House's Cheney shooting story remains. How can a 28-gauge shotgun fired from supposedly 30 yards away cause pellets to become lodged in someone's heart?
Congresswoman Says America Run By Criminal Syndicate
Cynthia McKinney, the only House Representative to stand up to the Bush White House crime syndicate, has gone further than ever before in her efforts to warn people about what the Neo-Cons' ultimate goals actually entail for freedom in America.
Another Russian MP Says Muslim Riots Were US Provocation
Echoing the comments of Liberal Democrats leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky, another Russian MP has gone public with his contention that the recent Muslim riots were a staged US provocation in order to swing public opinion in Europe beind supporting an attack on Iran.
Is Bush The Lifetime President?
Those confident in the fact that President Bush will leave office in January 2009 after his second term ends would be wary to check out images posted on the Huffington Post website.
Twenty-Three Intel Experts Say LA Terror Plot a Sham
Following yesterday's highly suspiciously timed announcement that the US government had foiled a 2002 terror plot against the Los Angeles Library Tower, intelligence experts and White House reporters have uniformly debunked the story.
Bush Plays Terror Card With Bogus LA Attack Plot
In an orchestrated set-up, George W. Bush announced that a plan to fly a plane into the LA Library Tower was thwarted in 2002 and within minutes news networks were showing footage of the same building being destroyed in the movie Independence Day.
Good News For Rapists & Criminals: British Government Bans Knives
Not content with eliminating the last vestiges of private gun ownership, the British government has now declared war on knives. Criminals can now rape women safe in the knowledge that they now have absolutely no means with which to fight back.
New Evidence Suggests Muslim Riots Are Staged Psyop
As news breaks of four more demonstrators being shot dead in Kabul, fresh evidence has surfaced lending credibility to the assertion that the Muslim riots are a staged psyop or at the very least based on false pretenses.
Former Reagan Treasury Secretary Questions Twin Towers Collapse
A former Wall Street Journal editor and a man credited with the success of 'Reaganomics' has finally broken ranks and brought into question the unexplained collapse of the twin towers and WTC building 7.
Russian MP Says US To Attack Iran Late March
A top Russian parliamentary leader has told Ekho Moskvy radio station that an attack on Iran is inevitable and that it will occur on March 28th.
Muslim Riots Aid Neo-Con Global Agenda
The riots that are currently sweeping across Europe and the Middle East in response to caricatures of Mohammed that were originally printed in Danish newspapers are staged managed and are helping the Neo-Cons.
Doomsday For The Internet As We Know It
Several developments that are coming to the fore indicate a noticeable advance towards a government regulated, taxed and controlled system that spells doomsday for the Internet as we know it.
Bush's 'Gulf Of Tonkin' Underlines Criminal Desperation For War
This week's revelations that George W. Bush and Tony Blair considered staging a war provocation by painting a US spy plane in UN colors and flying it over Iraq illustrates a desperate depth of criminality.
9-11 Backlash Comes From Hollywood, Not Government
The 9/11 movement has been lax in not anticipating the direction from which their most vociferous flak will be thrown. It's not government appointed commissions, politicians or Popular Mechanic debunking spreads.
Bush-Blair War Provocation Memo Sends Warning To Iran
Today's revelations that Tony Blair and George W. Bush debated staging an act of provocation to goad Saddam Hussein into war sends a very clear warning as to how a pretext for a conflict with Iran could be manufactured.
Airline CEO Latest Victim Of Airport Gestapo
Just when you thought TSA screening horror stories couldn't get any more anathema to common sense, the latest victim of the little Hitler airport Gestapo proves otherwise.
Establishment Media Spin Machine Rounds On Cindy Sheehan
The rabid foaming pro-government Internet media circus has activated its spin machine to try and quell the blindingly obvious antithesis of George W. Bush's hollow and baseless 'freedom' rhetoric.
Sycophantic Lamesteam Media Marches to the Newspeak Drumbeat
In George Orwell's 1984, the purpose of Newspeak, according to a website devoted to its study, was not only to provide a medium of expression for the world-view and mental habits proper to the devotees of IngSoc, but to make all other modes of thought impossible.
Halliburton Detention Camps For Political Subversives
In another shining example of modern day corporate fascism, it was announced recently that Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg, Brown and Root had been awarded a $385 million dollar contract by Homeland Security to construct detention and processing facilities in the event of a national emergency.
UN's Promise to 'Save The World' In Return For Global Government
The first wave of the attempt to create a global government has failed. The EU constitution is dead in the water and the UN can be defined as somewhere in between a talking shop and a laughing stock.
Al-Qaeda Propagandizes For Bush On Eve Of State of the Union
Hot on the heels of Osama bin Laden's latest release, Ayman al-Zawahri has popped up on the eve of the State of the Union.
Torture The Innocent, Release the Most Wanted
The hallmark of the worldwide detainee and torture camps is defined by repeated examples whereby proven top Al-Qaeda members are protected or released.
World Cup Police State Sales Pitch
The upcoming soccer World Cup continues to be utilized as a showcase for the police state, as all major sporting spectaculars are these days.
Neo-Con Mouthpieces Still Clinging to Osama-Saddam Link
Neo-Con mouthpiece government shills Sean Hannity and Newsmax simply don't know when to stop.
'Israel Tried To Kill Bin Laden In '96' - MI6, CIA Protected Him
Whatever the validity of this story, it has the impact of making the reader think that major intelligence agencies were vigorously pusuing bin Laden in the mid-1990's, when the opposite is true.
Russian General's Comments Need to be Taken With Healthy Dose of Skepticism
Ivashov's solutions to the problem of worldwide engineered chaos are ambiguous and their wording should raise alarm bells.
Are Governments Searching For Subversives Through School Exams
Is this part of a vetting process to try and identify the next generation of political dissidents?
Control Grid The Prison Without Bars
The fact is that the modern implementation of the prison planet has far surpassed even Orwell's 1984.
Re-Packaging The 9-11 Fairytale
Hollywood gears up in 2006 to bolster the crumbling official state approved paradigm
Headline Suggests Opponents of Military Recruiting are Child Rapists
During the Clinton years, World Net Daily used to be a firebrand watchdog of government abuse.
The Panopticon: A Mass Surveillance Prison For Humanity
The Panopticon is defined as a prison so constructed that the inspector can see each of the prisoners at all times, without being seen. This is an accurate description of the accelerating movement by western governments to erect giant, powerful, all-pervading mass surveillance, tracking and control grids that will keep all populations firmly under the baleful and watchful gaze of Big Brother.
A Dying Breed Feeble Minded Fools and Dim-Witted Debunkers
It's easier to believe what the government says, buy a six pack and fall asleep in front of American Idol.
Silverstein Answers WTC Building 7 Charges
After nearly two years of steadfast silence, Silverstein Properties have finally responded to questions about what Larry Silverstein meant when he told a PBS documentary that WTC Building 7 was "pulled" in the late afternoon of September 11 2001.
Cameras at Major British Airport Snap Your Picture
A new addition to BB's armour made its presence known. A loving security camera perfectly positioned to snap the mugshot of the potential terrorists passing through. It's not obligatory, but if you refuse, they have grounds to take your photo anyway.
Spooky AOL Ad Says Big Brother Is Watching the Internet
In a bizarrely offbeat new British advertising campaign, AOL asks if the Internet is a good or a bad thing and encourages viewers to discuss the issue. The advert is clearly intended to influence the viewer into thinking that the Internet is a negative force.
Dyncorp and Halliburton Sex Slave Scandal Won't Go Away
Almost a year after Representative Cynthia McKinney was told by Donald Rumsfeld that it was not the policy of the Bush administration to reward companies that engage in human trafficking with government contracts, the scandal continues to sweep up innocent children who are sold into a life of slavery at the behest of Halliburton, Dyncorp and other transnational corporations with close ties to the establishment elite.
Pupils Being Given 'Patriotism' Tests in Washington State Schools
Children in Washington State are being given 'Patriotism tests' which are completely unrelated to their studies. The paper gauges whether or not the student shows fealty to the power of the state and whether the student believes in the right to overthrow a corrupt government.
Jackboot Society: Pure Tyranny on the Streets of America
We never stop talking about martial law and that's because we are constantly fed with new examples of how America has turned into a police state right in front of our very eyes.
Why The Patriot Act Is Intended To Fail
From all the indications we have studied it seems that the Patriot Act is intentionally destined to fail so that when the Globalists carry out a terror attack they can blame 'civil liberties advocates' for preventing them from keeping the general public safe and then reject out of hand criticism of all future police state legislation that they pass.
Blackwill's Black Heart: Conman Pulls Sales Tricks to Market Torture
Former White House advisor Robert Blackwill's comments that torture is sometimes necessary underscore a dominant philosophy of absolute despotism that pervades elitist circles who like to think of themselves as part of this wicked New World Order hierarchy.
Republican Congressman Says Totalitarian Regime a Danger
Former Republican Congressman and CIA official Bob Barr says that there is a danger recent developments describe a trend of America slipping into a totalitarian society and that the Bush administration are doing everything in their power to see that this happens.
Miami Bomb Incident Starts to Look Suspicious
The shooting of Rigoberto Alpizar at Miami International Airport stinks like a giant festering rat just two days after it happened. Alpizar never screamed that he had a bomb and passengers relate that they were more frightened of Air Marshals putting guns to their head and threatening them not to look at what was taking place on board American Airlines Flight 924. For those of us who researched the brutal murder of Charles De Menezes in London, striking parallels have begun to emerge.
Police Found Suspected Bombs In WTC On 9/11
The details contained therein seem to have slipped under the radar amidst the huge body of evidence proving controlled demolition brought down both the twin towers and Building 7.
Empire In Descent: The Deliberate Destruction Of America
There is a deliberate agenda at hand to reflect an image of America to the world as a corrupt, evil, deceiving, hypocritical and brutal power. The Bush administration is being played like a fiddle and as each horror story scandal emerges, America sinks further into the waiting jaws of 'their savior' - the dark stalker of global government.
Apocalyptic Video Game Features Global Government Takeover
A new video game now available for X Box and PC depicts an apocalyptic vision of America after the year 2008 where terror attacks carried out by anti-government militias force the European Union to send in an occupying army.
Miami Model: ACLU Shysters Stab America In The Back Again
In response to the news that Miami police were going to conduct random sieges, checks of ID's and patrols of buses and trains, the ACLU stabbed America in the back again by shrugging their shoulders and stating that the new measures did not violate anybody's rights.
American Police State: The Frog Has Cooked
Miami police have announced that they will be conducting random sieges of buildings, checking ID's, riding trains and buses and carrying out "shock and awe" tactics. The Miami model is the benchmark for the new American police state.
Hollywood, Iraq and 9/11: Reinforcing the Party Line
Moviegoers in the upcoming months will be bombarded by films about the Iraq war and 9/11. These movies will uniformly reinforce the official party line that 9/11 was carried out by 19 Arabs with box cutters and that the invasion of Iraq was a heroic act of liberation in the defense of America.
New Information On Sniper Incident Betrays More Evidence Of Federal New Orleans Sabotage
The relief contractors on the Danziger Bridge were there to fix flood defenses that many suggest were blown by the government in the first place. Their efforts would have scuppered the federal government's plan to keep New Orleans in a state of panic and disorder, therefore the most likely explanation is that they paid for their good intentions with their lives.
Congressman Ron Paul Reiterates Danger Of Foreign Troops Being Used For Martial Law
Republican Congressman Ron Paul recently appeared on nationally syndicated radio and again reiterated his deep concern that foreign troops are mobilizing outside and inside America to be used as assets in a martial law takeover by the Bush administration.
Police Showed Solidarity With Protesters as They Were Arrested
Elliot Adams of Veterans For Peace appeared on The Alex Jones Show today and passed on some positive news in the light of today's attack on the First Amendment where peaceful protesters were arrested in Crawford Texas.
Madonna's 9/11 Comments Underline Danger Of Political Celebrity Bandwagon
Madonna is a hypocrite and she changes political stances as often as her image. She adopts whatever sells. That makes good business sense, but don't for a second exalt her as some crusader for truth.
Why Hillary Clinton Will Be Good For America
If Hillary Clinton is chosen as the next figurehead of the elite, it might actually be good for America. Myopic conservatives could finally wake up and realize that George W. Bush and Hillary Clinton are two peas in the same pod.
Former CIA Chief Calls Cheney 'Vice President For Torture'
Former CIA boss Stansfield Turner joined a growing army of credible individuals both in and out of government when he lambasted the Bush administration's use of torture.
Pat Robertson Displays Satanic 'El Diablo' Sign During 700 Club Show
Pat Robertson, the so-called voice of Christian America, has again been caught 'El Diablo red handed' flashing occult and satanic hand signals during his show. During Thursday morning's 700 Club program Robertson could clearly be seen displaying the El Diablo hand gesture towards the end of the broadcast.
Hotel Bombings: Early Evidence Indicates State Terror
The triple blasts that killed 57 and wounded 90 people at the Radisson, Grand Hyatt and Day Inn hotels last week raise very suspicious questions as to who was really behind the attack.
Physics Professor Says Science Points To Conclusive Evidence of WTC Controlled Demolition
Brigham Young University physics professor Steven E. Jones is the latest credible individual to come forward and assert that the official story of 9/11 differs wildly from the observable facts.
The Fruits Of Globalization: Rotten To The Core
The world watches in trepidation as the wildfires of chaos sweep from France across Europe. We are witnessing the fruits of globalization. Rampant unchecked immigration policies and the enforced fusion of multiculturalism form the backbone of the New World Order's systematic purge of the sleeping middle class.
Rumsfeld Openly Admits Guantanamo Torture
When Donald Rumsfeld was asked about the force feeding of detainees at Guantanamo Bay recently, a brutal practice that involves inserting tubes as wide as fingers directly through stomachs and nostrils without any anesthetic as prisoners convulse and vomit blood, Rummy replied, "I'm not a doctor."
Australian Prime Minister Plays Terror Card
J ust coincidentally as he’s facing vociferous opposition to these terror laws, our useful Al-Qaeda friends pop up and help the Prime Minister push through his political agenda.
It Costs Nothing to be a Patriot
The past year has witnessed a groundswell of support for controversial truths from credible individuals across the political spectrum. We tread on fertile ground and the climate has never been more welcoming of what would otherwise be considered difficult realities.
Indictment Hot Air: The Phony Left's Monica Lewinsky
The rumor mill tells us indictments are going to be handed down on Thursday but the constant guessing game should be brushed aside in favor of a serious consideration about whether we are being sold on a story that in reality has no significant consequences.
Bush Administration's Torture Gangs Still Operational
Evidence that the Bush administration's torture policy did not end at Abu Ghraib but simply spread elsewhere has been presented by a former General who worked at Abu Ghraib.
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