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To the lies.
Leadership Abilities
He can show 'em who's boss.
Lost Souls
The most dangerous WMD.
On The Border
"Hey Stop!"
Talking 'Americans'
You have to understand...
Hold Off
Keep my shipment the same.
The Perfect "Do Nothing Crony"
This guy did nothing...
The Source Disovered
The Origin of Mad Cow
Protect Our Borders
Si Senor
Feel Safe America Day
As 11 million stroll across the border.
Another Bin Laden Tape
Bush is Having A tough time
Human Rights
Didn't raise it.
Hu's in charge
Of the murder and torture?
It's not fair.
All Jobs Can't Be Outsourced
Bringing in foreigners to take the remaining ones.
Bush Speak Leak
What's your problem?
Infowars In Edmonton
Glad to see I'm not alone here as per me stumbling across this sticker in the River Valley on the Groat Road bridge.
Bush Photo Op
Only person with shorts.
The Real Hijackers
It ain't Atta.
Mi Casa es tu Casa
Ya'll going to make good soldiers.
The Gals
Transgender fun at Bohemian Grove.
My Democracy
The people don't matter.
Civil War
Blame it on Iran.
Sorry About The Port Deal
Still gets the money?
Approval Rating
Higher than back home.
Squeal Like A Pig
After he's sold the ports.
What If?
Bush had been President after Pearl Harbor.
Cheney Introduces Torture For 2008 Olympics
It's not torture, it's 'pressure'.
Willing to use force
We could go on with these for weeks.
Bush Spins Another Fairytale
I'll huff and I'll puff.
This Book
Allows GW to do anything.
King George
Cutting it up.
State Of The Union
Not looking good.
Must be a terrorist
If you don't want your phone tapped.
Patriot Acts
1775 and 2006
They Live 2006
Bush again flashes el Diablo sign
W hy is Bush flashing a Texas football sign at an Economic Club gathering in Chicago?
Something to respect
When he carries the dog.

The Next Law
The Mom and Apple Pie Act.

The twelve days.
Perhaps if the murderers of Charles de Menezes and Rigoberto Alpizar had played this game there would have been a different outcome, and they didn't even have bombs nor any reason to suspect they would.
War On Terrorism 2
Smoke out the evil-doers. Be careful on the London Underground mission, you'll think at first the terrorists shooting at you are actually police, and just maybe there's a point in that.
War On Terrorism
Help the Globalists round up their agents.
The GD Piece of Lavatory Paper
Now in every White House bathroom.
Not just for the president anymore!
'It's just a goddamned piece of paper'
"I’m the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way."
The White House Christmas Card
Why bother paying for a tree?
Bush Shoot Out
Help George W. Bush and Condoleeza Rice defeat the evil terrorists! Let's hope Bush isn't as scared of guns as he is of horses.
Stay The Course Man
He meant to do that.
First They Came....
But I didn't say anything.
Dissent Is Treason
Betrayal is patriotic.
Faux News Channel
Your best source for government news!
Laura's Cocaine Moment
It wasn't dust.
Another Headline Of Our Dreams
How long before it happens?
Highway Blogging
Sent to us by a great activist.
Laura Bush Replaced With Puppet Controlled by Prince Charles
Look at his face, he thinks he can get away with it without the world finding out!
Wireless War
Making killing easier.
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