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Charlie Sheen Says 9/11 Movement "Juggernaut Of Truth"
Sends mainstream media a warning during speech at L.A. American Scholars Symposium

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | June 28 2006

Charlie Sheen said the 9/11 truth movement was a juggernaut of truth after he sent a warning to the mainstream media that they should fulfil their roles as the watchdogs of government during a speech this past weekend in L.A. at the American Scholars Symposium.

Introducing Alex Jones at the Sheraton Hotel event, Sheen sidestepped remarks about his remarkable courage in putting his reputation and career on the line in the name of truth by focusing attention on what the conference was intended to achieve.

"We are here today to ask those still sleeping to wake up and join us," said Sheen.

"We are here today to fire a warning show across the bow of mainstream media - to remind them of their original responsibility as civil and political watchdogs," said Sheen, himself the victim of salacious attack dogs of the press since his public stance on 9/11 back in March.

Sheen dedicated the L.A. truth convergence to the victims of 9/11, their families, our children and their children - saying that one of the primary objectives was the "deconstruction of the official myth" behind 9/11 and to drain the "cesspool of lies and distortion we refuse to drown in any longer."

"We are here today to unleash a juggernaut of truth," said Sheen as he urged the 1200 plus attendees to "hold our course, to bang our drums, to sharpen our focus."

Watch the video below to see Sheen's comments in full.

The conference was Sheen's idea in the first place and he willingly handed over the organizational reigns to Alex Jones in light of the time consuming hit pieces and false allegations that were thrown his way after he courageously stepped up to the plate three months ago to voice his doubts about the official story of 9/11.

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People from as far away as Japan and Australia made the long-haul trip to L.A. to view slick presentations from numerous high profile speakers. Media organizations from Great Britain and Australia were also represented as well as over 100 alternative press outlets.

BYU physics professor Steven Jones' authoritative lecture on the use of incendiary devices in the demolition of the trade towers and building 7 went further than ever before in its conclusive tone on the issue. Jones has now tested steel samples from two different sites that both clearly show the use of thermate as a tool of implosion and the analysis has been verified by two other universities.

Lt. Col. Robert M. Bowman (pictured) , the former head of the Star Wars weapons defense system and Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Cal Tech, also gave a powerful presentation on the NORAD 9/11 stand down which was extremely well received.

Reuters carried an article about the conference which was syndicated in numerous worldwide media outlets and the Washington Post put out a report yesterday.

The overall sentiment after the conclusion of the conference was that it was the most powerful, informative and progressive 9/11 symposium to date.

The conference was a declaration of independence and a warning to the watching media that major western governments are planning more acts of false flag terrorism in order to justify new wars and geopolitical domination of the globe as well as a domestic police state.


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