Browns likely under attack again

Keene Free Press
Tuesday June 12, 2007

It appears that Ed and Elaine Brown are under attack for the second time in a week. Ed Brown reported earlier today that his electricity and internet are cut off, and that there were men prowling around in his woods. His phone is now disconnected.

Update 9pm:
We found no Federal blockade outside the Brown's home. We did not approach the house, because we could not make phone communication with the occupants.

We did notice one black Federal government vehicle in the parking lot of the Residents Inn nearby.

New Brown raid may be imminent, says govt. watchdog

June 11, 2007

Michael Hampton of says he believes another Federal raid or show of force is imminent in Plainfied, New Hampshire. He also says Washington agents are now occupying a room at the Lebanon Residence Inn.

Hampton, a Manchester blogger who monitors Federal Internet usage, says the same patterns which preceded their June 7 show of force are recurring now.

"Last week the day before the raid, they started reading (Ed Brown Internet discussions) from their laptops and their Verizon data cards," he says.

"And they read...some of Ed Brown supporters' Myspace profiles a lot more frequently...Today they're doing it again, same pattern...And now they've switched over to the Verizon data cards, within the last minute or two, which means they're on the move. SOMETHING is imminent. Maybe another dry run, maybe a raid, I don't know."

He continues:

"At least one of them is operating out of the Residence Inn, 32 Centerra Parkway, Lebanon, as of earlier today,"

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Hampton can be reached at: (603) 206-4321
I can be reached at: (603) 721-1490

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