Reaction From The Press Conference: Randy Weaver Joins Ed and Elaine Brown

Kat Kanning
Keene Free Press
Tuesday June 19, 2007

Randy Weaver, survivor of the brutal attack by the feds at Ruby Ridge, has joined tax truthers Ed and Elaine Brown in their Plainfield home. Weaver was brought to Plainfield as the result of donations brought in to a radio station in Austin (We the People Radio Network Randy Weaver felt it was important to come to Plainfield and show his support of the Browns because the federal government has killed and robbed so many while trying to enforce non-laws. In his own case, Weaver was accused of sawing off a shotgun too short, while the Browns are being persecuted for non-existent tax laws. After relating the bloody story of how federal agents shot his son and wife, Weaver somewhat tearfully explained that he had joined the Browns because, "If this gets out of control, it could happen here," - meaning more bloody murder by the feds. He had no specific advice for the Browns, just wanted it to be known that he supports them 100%. Speaking on the current situation with an imminent attack on the Browns, Randy told reporters that, "When you get so angry you lose your fear, that's where we're at." It was his hope that people could learn the truth about there being no law requiring the average American to pay income tax, and he hopes that people will find the courage to stand up against an out of control government, as Ed and Elaine Brown are doing. Weaver gave a quote from his uncle, "Government is like a garden. It needs to be weeded once in a while."

Ed and Elaine Brown with Randy Weaver

Others beside Weaver are taking a closer look at the Brown situation, following the violent attempted raid on the Brown's home in early June. At a recent rally in support of the Browns in Keene, a resident who read about the astounding display of force used against an elderly couple in his state, joined the rally because he was so disgusted by the way the federal government handled the situation. The use of tanks and helicopters, implements of war, against a dentist and her husband - that was too much for this one young man. I myself, having met Elaine Brown for the first time today, was shocked at the mental image of this motherly, gentle lady in chains or behind bars. It's absurd to consider her a threat to society, needing to be locked up for the protection of the rest of us.

Elaine Brown

Elaine attempted to explain to reporters today why they do not pay income taxes. The Browns have repeatedly asked the IRS to show them the law which requires them to pay the tax. To date, the IRS has refused to answer this simple question, either to the Browns or numerous others who have asked the same question. Elaine explained how Joe Banister while working as a Special Agent in the IRS Enforcement Division began researching claims about the lack of a law requiring people to pay an income tax. It was his intent to show these people the law, but after years of research, he failed to find a law. When he brought these findings to his superiors, he was asked to resign from the IRS. Such a law does not exist because it is forbidden by the Constitution. The Browns encourage everyone who wishes to know more about the income tax to watch Aaron Russo's movie, Freedom to Fascism (, which is available on the internet.

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