Ruby Ridge Survivor Weaver Now Being Stalked
Uniformed man witnessed in woods outside home

Steve Watson
Prison Planet
Tuesday, June 25, 2007

Ruby Ridge massacre survivor Randy Weaver today appeared on the Alex Jones show to alert listeners to the fact that he appears to be under some kind of ongoing surveillance.

Weaver was woken early this morning by his neighbour who had witnessed at least one man in a black uniform moving around in the trees just feet away from Weaver's house.

The neighbour described a man in a black uniform who hurriedly left the scene in a black SUV.

The local Sheriff's deputy reported to Weaver's house after his daughter, also a Ruby Ridge survivor, demanded to know who was conducting surveillance on the property and for what reason.

The deputy has pledged to do his utmost to uncover more details. Federal authorities have denied any involvement.

Randy Weaver returned to his home in Arkansas this week after visiting Ed and Elaine Brown in Plainfield New Hampshire to make a stand with them and pledge his support.

Weaver traveled to the Brown property in an attempt to avert any bloodshed in the continuing standoff over the Browns' refusal to pay five years of income tax.

He took part in the press conference that was well attended by the mainstream media. The attention the conference garnered may have persuaded the authorities from attempting to force the Browns from their home, however recent coverage still maintains that the Browns are "tax dodgers, taunting police from a hilltop compound".

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Weaver was shot and lost his wife and young son in 1992 when the federal government brutally killed them when they refused to leave their property.

A former green Beret turned separatist, Weaver had refused to cooperate with the feds in 1991 when an agent of the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (BATF) entrapped him by hiring him to cut off the barrels of two shotguns illegally. Once Weaver was arrested, BATF tried to force him to inform on the Aryan Nation group, whose meetings he had attended on a few occasions, but he refused. Weaver also refused to appear in court for the minor firearms charge.

Weaver showed incredible bravery and patriotism by putting himself back into a similar situation to that of the Ruby Ridge standoff. Now it seems that someone is concerned by his recent decision to put himself back into the spotlight.

We will cover any updates as they occur.

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