White House prepared to open U.S. air routes to Canada, Mexico

Chad Groening
Wednesday June 27, 2007

An author and investigative journalist says the Bush administration is working on a plan that would essentially erase national borders for air carriers, perhaps paving the way for Mexican and Canadian airlines to compete with U.S. carriers for American domestic and international routes.

At an April meeting in Tucson, U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters met with her Canadian and Mexican counterparts to discuss the initial "North American Transportation Trilateral." At the meeting, which went virtually unreported by the American mainstream media, Secretary Peters noted that agreements with the two countries -- a 2005 air services agreement with Mexico, and the Open Skies accord signed with Canada in March -- lift restrictions on continental travel, effectively providing for "free and open trans-border air travel."

Dr. Jerome Corsi says the agreements, which are part of President Bush's controversial Security and Prosperity Partnership, will throw open lucrative U.S. air routes. "So Mexicana can fly from Los Angeles to New York, or New York to Paris, or New York to Las Vegas -- anywhere they want to go inside the United States as if they were U.S. airline," he explains.

But Corsi has other concerns as well. He says in order to carry out the plan, the U.S. has already constructed five stations designed to give Canada and Mexico access to what is known as the Wide Area Augmentation System, which allows them to know the location of every U.S. aircraft -- military as well as commercial.

"Mexico and Canada can't run their airplanes into U.S. airspace without also knowing where our military airplanes are," Corsi notes. "So we've just given away the national security system secrets about military aircraft in order to permit Mexico to run Mexicana and other Mexican airplanes."

Corsi says a North American Open Skies agreement would virtually eliminate national boundaries as far as air carriers are concerned.

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