Brown Sweeps In On Staged Terror
Car Bomb Attacks Herald New Wave Of Strategy of Tension

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Saturday, June 30, 2007

The discovery of two unexploded car bombs in London and a bizarre incident today in which a flaming jeep was crashed at high speed into a terminal building at Glasgow Airport could herald a new wave of staged terror carefully timed to coincide with Prime Minister Gordon Brown's installation at Number 10.

The hysteria reached new heights this afternoon when a Jeep Cherokee ploughed into a terminal building at Glasgow Airport before two Asian men on fire exited and were tackled by holidaymakers and police.

Despite the fact that in both this incident and yesterday's events the cars involved were filled with nothing more deadly than gasoline, which is hardly a carnage-inducing explosive, the British government and the media have embarked upon a fresh assault of fearmongering and are hyping the inevitability that more attacks are imminent.

Gordon Brown has swept into Downing Street with the aid of a new injection of the strategy of tension.

In yesterday's article, we underscored the history of car bombings in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland and how the fingerprints of the security services and MI5 were all over them in every case.

Whether recent events represent another round of staged terror attacks or are the sole work of Muslim extremists, the true culprits are the the government.

Under the active stewardship of Tony Blair, Britain has left itself wide open to the ravages of rampant and unchecked immigration and is now inundated with an army of radicalized and hate-filled Muslims that are routinely prodded and provoked as a result of Britain's blind support for America's military adventures.

If we were really at war with Islamic terrorists then the British government would impose stringent controls on letting Muslims into the country in the first place and would deport others en masse - but instead the opposite has happened, while everybody's rights are violated and abused in the name of security.

Interesting details are already starting to emerge concerning what authorities might have known before this new wave of attempted attacks.

Despite the use of car bombs being labeled a surprise development, intelligence was obtained and published days before yesterday's incident concerning the likely use of car bombs in Britain.

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"Contingency plans have been revised following a review last week and in light of intelligence that extremists might adopt tactics used by insurgents in Iraq," reported the London Telegraph.

Security sources feared that the Wimbledon tennis event would be vulnerable to a car bomb attack. It was also reported that nightclubs may be a target for car bombs. The first vehicle discovered on Friday morning was parked outside a night club.

It is important to stress that there are several kinds of "staged" terror attacks and we have made this distinction on numerous previous occasions and presented the evidence to back it up on a case by case basis.

The first kind is where the operation is wholly planned and executed by rogue units of intelligence agencies after which patsies are framed. The second is where a group is infiltrated and radicalized by a government informant and provocateured into attempting terror attacks. The third is where government policy stirs resentment amongst groups which are essentially prodded into committing acts of violence.

Whatever category these latest events fall into, they will be overhyped, massaged and exploited by the state to achieve its political agenda, thereby defining the state as the true terrorists.

The new hysteria is already being exploited to push the 90 day detention without trial law that the government had previously failed in passing along with a raft of other measures to eviscerate whatever rights Brits had left.

Stay tuned for more reports as events unfold.

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