What Can We Deduce From Bilderberg 2008?

The Truth Serum
Saturday, June 7, 2008

Even though Bilderberg 2008 has barely got started, we can deduce several things.

1. they are in panic mode - they tried to say that the meeting had taken place already, in Greece, and they apparently invited Obama for a surprise visit, which backfired when Obama's press entourage were outraged at being tricked onto moving on somewhere while Obama was whisked to Chantilly. Alot of reporters should now be asking a lot of awkward questions.

2. from a first read of the attendance list
a) Flemming Rose - now there's a familiar name from the Prophet cartoons a few years ago that caused Muslim riots. Why has he been invited? Is he to start another round of riots? Or has he discovered Bilderberg, suspects he may have been used, and wants to know more?

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b) George Osborne MP - this is the second time he has attended, and points towards Cameron becoming next Prime Minister

c) Paul Gallagher, Attorney General of Ireland - with Ireland now set to anull the Treaty of Lisbon with a No vote, will Gallagher be asked to somehow find a legal way to change the vote from No to Yes (if he is that way inclined)?

d) Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of Kansas - the superhighway will go through Kansas.

e) Jessica T. Mathews and Dmitri V. Trenin, Carnegie Centre - to keep pushing Russia

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