What's New at Bilderberg 2008?

Nolan Chart
Sunday, June 8, 2008

2008 Bilderberg Conference


Westfields Marriott Hotel
Chantilly, Virginia, USA, June 5-8, 2008

List of attendees can be found here:

[Official 2008 Bilderberg List of Attendees - LiveLeak.com]

The Bilderberg group is meeting again this weekend apparently to discuss cyber terrorism, the Middle East, a nuke-free world, Africa, and Russia among other things accoring to a press release issued by the group which you can find here:

[Bilderberg Press Release]

To my knowledge, this is the first time the Bilderbergers have issued a press release directly to the public. Apparently you can get a list of the attendees yourself by a calling their number at the bottom of the press release (how kind of them, sure beats people having to get someone from the inside to send it, and then the people on the list still deny they were there, sheesh).

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So what's new with Bilderberg?

Well besides the out-of-character press release, there have been rumors circulating that Obama and Hillary Clinton may have attended the conference Thursday night. News outlets say they were meeting somewhere in Virginia in that area under closed doors (including the private meeting announced by the mainstream). Chantilly is only a few miles from Dulles International Airport where Obama's press was duped. Obama's/Hillary's campaign office would not confirm/deny they visited Bilderberg. More information about the event can be found here:

[Obama/Hillary Secret Meeting - WorldNetDaily]

It also interesting that one of the attendees is none other than James A. Johnson who is in charge of selecting Obama's running mate. Maybe he's getting some advice from the major global interests of who he should pick. I'm going to guess it's someone with some big business ties.

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina is attending the Bilderberg meeting for the first time. His name was on the attendee list received. I had someone call the Governor's office to ask of his whereabouts, and they were told he was attending a "private function in Virginia." This is a suprise to many since Sanford has been a stark opponent of the Real ID Act and has still not signed it into law in the state of South Carolina. Maybe he's an insider? If I was asked to attend the conference, I would happily attend. Where else are you going to obtain all the secrets of Bilderberg? I hope to have a follow-up story later in the year about Sanford's visit.

Condeleeza Rice (US) and Minister Babacan (TUR) are also attending. Apparently Babacan didn't get the memo to keep quiet. It is his fifth time attending the conference.

[Today's Zaman - Turkish Website]

Other notables this year include Keith Alexander, Director of the US National Security Agency, Ben Bernake, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Donald Graham, CEO of the Washington Post, Henry Paulson, US Secretary of the Treasury, and Robert Zoellick, President of the World Bank Group. And of course the man who runs it all, David Rockefeller.

What is Bilderberg? Why should I care?

Bilderberg is a secretive group of powerful and well-known politicans, businessman, and people who are involved with international affairs. They have been meeting since 1954 in almost absolute secrecy until recent years. No one would admit they attended back in those days even if someone had pictures of them going in and their name on the attendee list. The conference is supposed to be an outlet for these big-namers to freely discuss their opinions on policy and world events. The meetings are extremely well guarded and kept under tight wraps. At this year's conference, private security, local/county police, Secret Service, FBI, foreign secret service were all spotted and identified. Even a couple of people dressed like US Marines were seen.

These actions from US officials are supposedly illegal since they violate the Logan Act which does not allow for US officials to meet secretly with persons from other governments to discuss/make policy. Though, charges are rarely filed against anyone. So the big question here is, why do these meetings have to be so secret? The attendees and press obviously pay no attention to the Logan Act. Is it so they can speak openly and freely as described in the press release? Or is there a more devious plot happening here? The thing that bothers people the most is not everything I've just listed, but the fact the media gives the Bilderbergers absoultely zero media coverage. But when a G8 or major UN conference is happening, the media is all over it. Everyone knows these high-ranking officals are meeting now especially with this press release. And the media still pays no attention?

In light of this year's meeting, it is obvious that the meeting's planners do not care anymore or are not worried about people finding out about their meeting. Even though reportedly this conference was moved from Greece to Chantilly, Virginia which is just outside Washington D.C. And it would seem Obama and Hillary felt it was safe enough to so obviously attend this major secret function during the first day of the Bilderberg meeting. If they did not meet, it would be a major coincidence since Chantilly is only a 15 min drive away from where Obama's press was left behind, and there just happened to be a powerhouse, global meeting going on where anybody whose was anybody was at. Look for yourself:

[Google Map]

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