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Terri Schiavo Case Sends A Very Clear Message

Prison Planet | March 30 2005

An article written by Jeff Rense outlines why the alternative media are covering the Terri Schiavo case in such depth.

Why spend so much time on this story when people all over the country die under the same circumstances on a daily basis?

Former Wall Street Journal associated editor Wesley Smith has listed cases where people are fully conscious, begging for food and water, and yet are denied all nutrition.

It is necessary to highlight the case in such sharp focus because the elite are clearly trying to send a message.

The message is that you are completely helpless and have no power to even contribute to saving the life of one single woman, never mind a whole country. The E mails, the calls, the faxes, the protests have no effect. Therefore, why bother wasting your time when the next campaign arises?


While the elite pretty much have all the bases covered on this one, on other fronts we see progress.

For example, the Minuteman Border Project, a 1000+ group monitoring illegals crossing the Arizona-Mexico border, has the Globalists sweating bullets. In some ways they are using the Schiavo story to focus attention away from this.

However, the Schiavo case, as Jeff Rense points out, is a psychological 9/11. While we fully symjpathise with Terri and her family, the main thrust of this is about public reaction.

Can they execute a helpless woman via a method defined as a war crime by the Geneva Convention in front of our faces without resistance?

So what's the next stage? When they take 10, 100, 1000, 10,000 of us because THEY decide our lives aren't worth living how will we react?

"When one person dies, it is a tragedy. When a million people die, it is a statistic."

Joseph Stalin

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