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Blog Comments Betray Sickness Of Pro-Death Crowd

Prison Planet | March 31 2005

Liberals who advocate the killing of Terri Schiavo under grounds of 'compassion' (despite the fact that starvation is a war crime banned by the Geneva convention) would be shocked to hear that their political peers are flaming online left-wing blogs with sick comments about Terri Schiavo.

In a thread entitled 'Fun at the expense of nutbag Christians,' the website features photographs of a group who infiltrated a pro-Terri protest with a sign reading 'we're idiots' - with arrows pointing to the rest of the crowd.

While not necessarily the view of the website itself, the comments that follow betray a disgusting sick form of sarcasm amongst liberal readers opposing saving Terri's life.

One reader states, "I think that Terry bitch will be dying all fucking week."

Another opines, "I have to go back for a wedding next week. If she's still alive, I may just have to join in the aggravation of the moron protestors who, like Terri, obviously have no life to spend so much time harassing folks other than being productive citizens."

More bluntly, 'foutu' states, "terri is the most persistent vegetable ever. there's celery in my fridge that is dying quicker than this bitch."

Other images feature Terri Schiavo's head plastered onto other bodies and distorted. Another jokes, "what's Florida's state vegetable? Terrir Schiavo."

Pro-death protest photos from a different location feature signs that read 'Honk if you hate Jesus" and "God isn't real."

On a different left-wing blog, one post reads, "some well placed heart attacks and anuerisms would be helpful."

The image above was posted on the popular 'Whiskey Bar' blog - crassly suggesting that the Schindler family is trying to save their daughter so they can cash in on donations and financial backing.

Is this 'letting Terri die gracefully'? Is this' respect in death'?

The liberals have betrayed an underlying characteristic which confirms the true nature of their sadistic, death-obsessed zeal.

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