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Question: If Terri Can't Feel Pain Why Did They Give Her Morphine?

Prison Planet | March 31 2005

AP Snip: "Carpenter also disagrees with the characterization that Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state. He says the doctors who've said that are "known pro-euthanasia doctors." And he questions why Schiavo has been given morphine -- since people in that vegetative state can't feel pain."

If Terri is a vegetable and vegetables can't feel pain then why are they injecting morphine into a vegetable?

This evening, The O'Reilly Factor featured another doctor who assured us starvation (a war crime banned by the Geneva convention) was perfectly peaceful. O'Reilly, who favors killing Terri, didn't challenge the statement that she was in a vegetative state despite volumes of evidence to the contrary.

FLASHBACK: Nazis Used Starvation to Kill

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