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Kurt Vonnegut: Bush and Hitler Different

Newsmax | March 12 2006

Add lefty literary luminary Kurt Vonnegut to the list of notables who think comparing President Bush to Hitler is the trendy thing to do these days.

According to the Columbus Free Press, Vonnegut was speaking at Ohio State University earlier this week when he offered his insights on the Bush presidency.

"I just want to say that George W. Bush is the syphilis president,” the "Slaughterhouse Five" author opined.

Without elaborating on that insult, Vonnegut quickly segued into his next anti-Bush blast: "The only difference between Bush and Hitler is that Hitler was elected."

Vonnegut then reportedly told the Ohio State audience: "You all know, of course, that the election was stolen. Right here.”
The noted writer said he was nostalgic for the days when America had a president everybody could be proud of, explaining:

"I’m lucky enough to have known a great president, one who really cared about ALL the people, rich and poor. That was Franklin D. Roosevelt. He was rich himself, and his class considered him a traitor."

Free Press reporter Harvey Wasserman noted that Vonnegut drew the biggest crowd at Ohio State since Michael Moore had come to speak.

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