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Decadent Elite Laugh At Torture During Gridiron Club Dinner
Russert dresses in drag, sings 'rendition' song

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | March 14 2006

The mainstream press is having a hearty chuckle about the capers and the chicanery witnessed at the annual Gridiron Club dinner, a get-together of media and government elites. The highlight was an "amusing" rendition of a torture song by a dragged-up Tim Russert.

I for one don't find it funny that a bunch of war criminals and their sycophantic collaborators are cackling and patting each other on the back about the 'hilarious shortcomings' of the administration.

Ahhh isn't Cheney cute for shooting a man in the face? Isn't it rollicking that those kids got raped and those Abu Ghraib prisoners were tortured to death?

Even the CIA controlled Washington Post had to admit it went too far.

"Tim Russert, making his first appearance as a new member, decked out in a blue dress and a shiny blond wig as one of the cable news bunnies. But there were also some true clunkers. Singing about torture, subbing "rendition" for "tradition" and borrowing the "Fiddler on the Roof" song was not funny at all. The chumminess of the politicos and the press corps can be cloying."

You would think these power whores would learn to act with a modicum of decorum, especially after last time's fiasco, when Bush caused worldwide anger by making a comedy routine about Iraq's missing WMD, an 'intelligence mistake' (or lie to rational thinking people) that has already cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and over 2,000 US troops.

George W. is so arrogant he even finds it funny that the people he supposedly represents support him in dwindling numbers.

"By the way, when Dick first heard my approval rating was 38 percent, he said, 'What's your secret?'," joked Bush.

Russert's womanly ways will come as no surprise for those in the know about Bohemian Grove, where the elite have a penchant for performing entire plays in drag, propositioning men for sexual favors and hiring homosexual porn stars to "service their needs." Why do you think former gay porn Internet prostitute turned reporter Jeff Gannon was given access to White House press briefings and Bush conferences without even being given a standard security clearance?

The elite are a sick and decadent bunch and once the alcohol flows and their comments are veiled by a 'jokey atmosphere' - the true depravity of their motivations becomes awfully clear.

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