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Charlie Sheen - A True American Patriot

Ted Lang | March 25 2006

If there was ever any doubt as to what it is that really made America the greatest nation on Earth that ever existed, let all that uncertainty be dispelled by the actions of Hollywood actor and Television star, Charlie Sheen. Indeed, what a guy! Our nation's greatness is founded upon the legal pedestal we continually attempt to sustain that puts the individual and his or her freedom above all else in this land, the very freedom now being savagely assaulted by the Bush regime and America's traitors in Congress.

Before we can even begin to assess the staggering achievement and stature of this honest, dedicated and courageous American patriot, we need to put in place a foundation of understanding to stave off the upcoming avalanche of attacks, smears, insults and caterwauling this man is going to be hit with by all the mindless dimwits this nation shelters. He will be stoned and repulsed by Bush blab radio fascists, the Zionist MSM as well as AM entities, Fox News and Zionist Hollywood, even as Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government will be with its recent release of an equally monumental patriotic effort in the form of a much-needed report: "The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy."

Sorry, but this is again needed! I've been a dues-paying member of the Republican Party, and started voting in presidential elections since 1964. Back then, I believed in and trusted then-Republican Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona. I voted for Nixon and "re-elected the president." When he was exposed in the Watergate matter, I stopped voting altogether for 14 years; so no, I never voted for Ronnie Reagan. But I did vote for George Bush in 2000: what a break from the communist direction our nation was going in, and what a chance to get America back on track. This all needs to be said so that what I offer isn't dismissed as the left-wing rant of just a "liberal" or a "communist." I was a Republican for 38 years, and am an Independent today with a libertarian, not Libertarian, philosophy. That puts me on the same page with Thomas Jefferson, my favorite American Patriot, and Sam Adams and Patrick Henry.

These preliminaries now out of the way, I offer that I do not engage in the label fables of American politics today, or in the blame-game bilge of blab radio and Fox TV. Democrat versus Republican, liberal against conservative, libertarian versus Christian fundamentalist constitutionalist; these mean absolutely nothing to me. It should mean nothing to anyone else in America, but how else are the denizens of blab radio and Fox News going to make a living?

As already alluded to, what made this nation great was the penchant for self-sufficiency displayed by each man and woman who built this great country. It was a self-sufficiency fostered by independent thought and action, creativity and industry. And it was a full-speed-ahead independence and rugged individualism derived not as a result of government and politics, but rather in spite of these. Individual Americans built America, not politicians and their political parties.

As I have offered previously: "Government is governed by politics, the practice by which non-contributory, non-producing members of society fool the citizens into believing that what they, the politicians, contribute, is more than just a meaningless void. Politics fills that void, and is best described as the total absence of honesty, integrity, creativity and hard work, which will never result in a meaningful or useful product or service. Liberty is defined, therefore, as either the total control and restraint the people put upon government and politics, or the resultant enjoyment of everything in God's creation."

I have also pointed out that, "Modern day American politicians have ruined America's greatness. Through damaging political arrangements with the politicians of other competing nations, politicians here have created income tax structures and environmental restraints motivating large corporations to move jobs and plants outside of America and overseas where lower labor costs, less environmental restrictions, and lower taxes provide their political corporate financial supporters tax, labor and regulatory advantages. This produces more profits for the ruling corporate profiteers and more payoffs [campaign contributions] for American politicians. Everybody makes out, except America and the American people."

Now let's just look at two single, solitary American individuals: a man and a woman. Let's look at these as individuals first, as we of course should, and then as patriots, keeping in mind that all patriots start out as individuals. We all start out as individuals, but when life's challenges make things tough for all, the tough break ranks from the herd and go it alone. "Patriot" is by definition a solitary person, and can be and usually is a lonely vigil and a frightening forced isolation.

When the politicians' armies march and goose-step and present their flash and blur of glittering buttons, medals, shining polished boots and cap visors, and with their flashing of weapons of death, and with flags waving and martial brass blaring, and with drums stuttering and booming their deadly rhythms, who can really see through all that din and dither of fictionalized glory and pomp but a true patriot?

Are patriots loners? Think of the artistic rendering of a "Minuteman," a lone individual with his rifle; think of Paul Revere; think of George Washington seeking solace and on knee bended and head bowed seeking strength and direction from the Almighty; think of that man standing in front of a tank in Tiananmen Square.

Think of Cindy Sheehan, who gave the ultimate a mother can give. Think of how she was smeared, belittled and vilified by Bill O'Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. Think of her during last summer and in that heat when she took up residence in a roadside ditch to bring national focus on Bush's unnecessary war in Iraq that took her son. Sure, others were there, but they were there only because she was. Think of her arrest and constant manhandling by Bush's localized Gestapo and SS. Think of her as she lay in a fetal position, hands cuffed behind her, being kicked and beaten by New York's "Finest," America's worst.

Then there's Charlie. Just like the courage and lone wolf rugged individualism displayed by Mel Gibson in defying Jewish Hollywood that whined and protested his production of "The Passion of the Christ," Zionist Hollywood not only refused to distribute his movie, they tried everything to suppress it. He has been clearly isolated by the Hollywood machine.

And now its Charlie's turn. Just like former NFL defensive back and football star Pat Tillman, he's putting everything on the line for his beliefs. And like Tillman, he will pay. He will pay, as every patriot that ever walked the land will pay, for this too is a defining characteristic of a patriot. It is called "risk." The mainstream media, owned controlled and lorded over by Hollywood, the latter firmly entrenched in their support of Israel and therefore firmly behind the Bush regime's loyalty and obeisance to Israel, controls Sheen's wealth and future. The risk he is taking should never be underestimated.

As I have offered very recently, "If [9-11] was a foul-up, a major unbelievable screw-up of a drill, and one that failed to have an emergency back-up fail-safe system, what would be the real harm in the American people knowing that? The American people are very forgiving, but are becomingly increasingly astute as concerns the failings and bumbling of their government. In fact, their awareness of the unbelievable range of ever-expanding lies of the Bush regime is rapidly increasing and confirmed by Bush's falling poll numbers. The crime machine is redlining in terms of an urgency that desperately needs immediate national action. And as offered previously, this action needs to come from a sector other than corrupt American politics or government."

That sector has presented itself in Charlie Sheen. How many more times must Cindy Sheehan be beaten and tortured by Bush's goons? Sure, she's getting attention, but the power of a Hollywood star will present itself as a real threat to the organized gangsters and criminals in our government who perpetrated 9-11. And Charlie's no dummy; he has not even come close to saying that 9-11 was an inside job. But then again, he's entitled to his opinion and should continue his approach, which is merely to bring focus on that which the Bush criminals want US so desperately to ignore.

And I, of course, am entitled to my opinion, which says 9-11 was indeed an inside job, and perpetrated by the greatest and most despicable international gangsters and mass-murderers that have ever taken over any nation in all of Mankind's torrid history.

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