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Rappoport Confirms Google Censorship Of Sheen Story

Jon Rappoport | March 25 2006

FLASHBACK: Google Caught Censoring Charlie Sheen 9/11 Story

Well, the Alex Jones-Charlie Sheen story has started going mainstream. CNN did a short piece on it---on TV.

The story still has not made it as a specific investigative news piece in the mainstream. That is to say, no one in the mainstream press has actually dug into the facts Sheen and Jones presented in order to draw intelligent conclusions.

Of course, how many news stories actually draw intelligent conclusions?

Jones mentions at prisonplanet that Google finagled its listings of the Sheen-Jones story for a short time. I found this out myself, a day or two ago. Here is what happened:

I had already gone to Google shortly after I became aware of the Jones-Sheen interview. Strangely, I had found nothing on the interview when I typed in "Charlie Sheen." But I had found listings when I used "Charlie Sheen, 9/11."

A few hours later, I went back to Google to see what was new. Again, I typed in "Charlie Sheen, 9/11," but this time, to my astonishment, there was nothing, nada, zilch on the interview.

I tried it again. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Again. Nothing.

I couldn't believe my eyes. All the previous listings on the Jones-Sheen interview were gone, as if they had never been there.

Thank you, George Orwell.

I waited about an hour, and I tried it again. Boom. Everything was back. All the listings on the interview were there again.

I know nothing about how Google operates its listings, but it was obvious to me that someone had removed all the listings and then put them back up.

Think about it. Famous person and MAJOR TV star of the moment tells radio host there are all sorts of specific and factual problems and lies connected to the official scenario about 9/11. Biggest search engine in the world lists the links and then withdraws those links completely. Scrubs them.

Then puts them back. Puts them back because, in my opinion, it's too obvious and transparent a ploy to keep them hidden.

This gives you a clue about how important it is to try to maintain the lies and exclude the truth about 9/11.

Seeing that 9/11 was an inside job allows you to see that everything that came after 9/11 was also an inside job. Everything 9/11 was subsequently used for was also a lie.

It's okay for hundreds of reporters to attack the possible pivot point where steroids became the driving force for new home run records. But to question seriously the turning point in recent US foreign policy---the wars---on the basis that 9/11 was a STAGED, no, no, no.

If you wondered about it before, you'll wonder about it less now: the mainstream press IS a limited hangout. It nibbles at the edges of the truth, prompts debates about the nibbles, while the stark giant facts are kept in the dark.

As mainstream newspapers begin to cover the Jones-Sheen interview, of course "reporters" are attacking Sheen (and Jones) directly. Attacking them, but not examining closely what they have to say. This is typical. You don't like the message, so try to discredit the messenger.

A strategy as old as the hills.

One of the several motives for such attacks is fear. Fear that one's own limited-hangout view of events AND OF LIFE is up for grabs.

THREAT. Threat that a view of reality is going to crumble.

"What so-and so guy is saying is dangerous to me. Therefore, I'm going to attack him. I'll say he stole money. I'll say he secretly works for X, who we all know is a criminal. I'll say he never went to his own mother's funeral. I'll say he doesn't use toilet paper. I'll say he has a pimple on his nose. I'll say anything..."

An attack like 9/11 galvanizes all sorts of people who wish they could live in the past, when "things were simpler." When you knew "who the enemy was" and you could go after the enemy, and anyone who didn't join in was a traitor.

To consider that 9/11 was a staged provocation explodes that view, makes it into cheap cheese.

I assure you, more and more Americans are deciding that 9/11 WAS a staged event. Employees of the federal government and even reporters for mainstream outlets have privately come to that conclusion.

In this volatile atmosphere, the last thing defenders of the status quo want is a FLASH POINT.

The Jones-Sheen interview ranked as a possible flash point, as the new start of what could become a cascade of people---some famous---coming out and saying: I AGREE.

So from what I can see, Google made a half-hearted and unworkable effort to stem the tide. Then it became clear that this would cause even more trouble, more exposure.

Let's go a lot deeper. There is another hook here and it goes like this: if THEY can stage events for nefarious purposes, then ANYONE can stage an event. In fact, people can conspire to stage the future for beneficial objectives. Reality itself, or what we call reality, IS staged. So let's stage it in the right direction. After exposing the lies, let's invent something better. Much better. Let's conspire to do something good.

And THAT all starts with the individual. The individual who makes a honest and searching assessment of his own innate potential POWER, and then begins to manifest what he really wants.

At that point, the fear recedes. The individual realizes, among other things, that, contrary to many corrosive myths, he wants the Good. THAT knocks his socks off. THAT wakes him up as nothing ever has.

The fear of his own hidden power is based on NOTHING. He can step out into the light and achieve lift-off. The old guilt game is a dud. It is garbage.

All the 9/11s of the past have had the effect of convincing people that, in order to do Good, they must gather under the banner of leaders who have named THE ENEMY. They must attack. They must go to war. They must use all their energy to fight on the battlefield that has been financed---for both sides---from above.

At this late date, it seems a little passe to point this out, but I will anyway: elites pump up two opposing sides; they pick out at least one really evil bastard who WILL kill people in large numbers; they foment and pay for and arm both sides so that a war will come; they "prove" to themselves and everybody else that reality is all about war; they involve the planet in that staged reality, and they profit from it in immeasurable ways.

When individuals see through this---and also see that their own power is, contrary to propaganda, HUGE---a sea change is possible.


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